20 breastfeeding mums


Pigeon ComfyFEEL™ Breast Pads


Pigeon ComfyFEEL™ Breast Pads achieved an all over 4.5/ 5 star rating.


Pigeon ComfyFEEL™ Breast Pads are highly absorbent but ultra thin.

The core traps excess milk and as all of our Bounty Trial Team members found, the pad kept their skin and their clothes feeling fresh and dry.

The breast pad is dome shaped for a slim and natural fit. All our our mums reviewing the product found the Ultra Slim Breast Pads discreet when worn under fitted clothing.

The Pigeon ComfyFEEL™ Breast Pads live up to their name as 100% of our testers agree, these pads are comfortable and very soft to touch.

Pigeon ComfyFEEL™ Breast Pads are:

  • Lined with aloe vera extract to improve skin moisture
  • Slim design fits comfortably & discreetly
  • Super absorbent
  • Breathable outer lining keeps skin cool & dry
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Individually wrapped for hygiene


Super soft, perfect for small boobs
“The last thing you want, when you have sore nipples is to have scratchy breast pads which further annoy and agrevate. I was pleasantly surprised with the softness of these pads. Some pads have itchy edging, but these do not, yet have the shaping you need to cup your breast nicely. The surface is soft and absorbent. I would happily purchase these moving forward. They were so comfortable that I forgot I was wearing them.”

Soft & fluffy
“These breast pads are like wearing soft fluffy clouds. They are so soft & very comfortable, absorbant & discreet. I also love that they have two sticky spots to secure inside your bra.”

Nice and dry breastpads
“Loved these Pigeon ComfyFeel breastpads, the best thing about this breast pad is that it has got the right thickness. Sticks properly to the bra, stays in place and keep it dry for longer time. Love the aloe-vera smell too.”

Comfy and Discreet
“After trying 4 different breast pad brands, I found the Pigeon ones to be the best ones so far. They stay in place when feeding from opening and closing nursing bra, they are comfortable and discreet.”

Soft and comfortable
“These are the comfiest breast pads I have used so far! The material is incredibly soft and lovely to use, especially in those early breastfeeding days. They are slightly larger than the average breast pad which can make them less discrete however the adhesive tabs are effective at holding them in place. They can hold a large amount of milk without ever feeling wet or uncomfortable. Highly recommend!”

*Stats are based on a survey of 20 Bounty Parents Trial Team members.

The products for this Trial Team have been provided by Pigeon Baby for the purpose of trial and review. All reviews submitted are the honest, authentic and genuine sentiments of the Bounty Parents members participating in this trial.