Rewards Room FAQ

Rewards Room Information Page

Our Rewards Room is where Silver and Gold members can swap their Bounty Points for FREE parenting products.

While the room is closed you can continue to build your Rewards Points balance so you have more to spend when it re-opens. As a Bounty Parents member, you will receive an email ahead of time to let you know when the shop is opening.

Membership Levels
Bronze members: 1 – 350 Bounty Points
Silver members: 351 – 750 Bounty Points
Gold members: 751+ Bounty Points

Bounty Points Value

10 Bounty Points = $1 to spend in our Rewards Room


What is the Bounty Parents Rewards Room?
The Bounty Parents Rewards Room is where you can swap your hard-earned loyalty points for free parenting products once you have reached Silver or Gold membership status. You can drop by, browse amazing products, pop a few of your favourites in your shopping basket, and pay with your loyalty points (plus postage).

How do I earn points?
Earning points is easy. You can earn points by completing your personal, family and lifestyle profiles, reviewing parenting products you’ve tried and participating in Trial Teams. Plus, every year on your membership anniversary you will receive 100 bonus points! Look at the table below for a full list of ways to earn points to spend in the Bounty Parents Rewards Room.

Sign up (registration) 20
Complete your personal account profile 50
Complete your family profile 100
Complete your lifestyle profile 100
Review a product 20
Trial Team review 100
Membership anniversary 100
Submitting an Ask the Village question 5 (Capped to once per month)
Viewing Rewards Room products 2 (Capped daily)
Viewing products reviews 1 (Capped daily)
Viewing a page 1 (Capped daily)
Logging in 1 (Capped daily)

How many Bounty Points do I have?
Your total points available to spend is shown at the top of your account profile (click Hi, [Your Name], located at the top right of the site, to access your account details).

Do my points expire?
Your points do have an expiry date. Points expire if you do not log into your Bounty Parents account for 3 years.

Who is eligible for the Bounty Parents Rewards Room?
All Silver and Gold members are eligible to shop in the Rewards Room during the open periods.

When and how long is the Rewards Room open for?
The Rewards Room will be open for three weeks at a time. It will open multiple times per year for members to redeem their points. We will notify you once it’s opened!

How do I access the Rewards Room?
The Rewards Room can be accessed via the ‘Rewards Room’ tab located at the top of your page on a desktop or tablet. On a mobile, you can reach Rewards Room via the drop-down menu. Once you are on the Rewards Room page, you can browse through the products available and the number of points required to purchase the product (and add the ones you want to your cart – just make sure you’re logged in, or you may experience difficulties). If you click on Rewards Room and are brought to this page, it means the room is currently closed.

Can I pay for postage with PayPal or my credit/debit card?
Yes, you can pay for postage through PayPal, with either a credit card or debit card. All transactions are processed through PayPal, so your transaction is completely safe.

If I spend my points, does my membership level decrease?
No. If you spend your points your status won’t decrease as a result. For example, if you are a Gold member with 1000 points and you spend 700 points, you will remain a Gold member with 300 points available, so all you have to do is earn more points to redeem.

Are there any opportunities to earn bonus points?
Yes – you can earn bonus points when you review the products you purchase in the Rewards Room. You will have access to further details about how to receive bonus review points in your Rewards Room parcel.

How do I add products to my basket to checkout?
You can add products to your basket by viewing the product listing and clicking the big ‘add to basket’ button. If the product has been successfully added to your basket you will get a message inviting you to checkout or keep shopping. You can also check that the product has been added to your basket by clicking the ‘My basket’ button at the top of the page.

Why can’t I add products to my basket to checkout?
You will not be able to add products to your basket if you are not logged in to your Bounty Parents account.

How do I know if my order went through successfully?
If your order went through successfully, you would see screen at the end that says, ‘Thank you, your order has been successfully placed’. You will also receive an email (to the email address you provided at checkout) with a summary of your order. To be sure, you can also check your bank statement for the card you used to see if ARE MEDIA PTY LTD comes up as a vendor in outgoing payments; and check whether the points (to the value of your order) were deducted from your Bounty Parents account (which you can do by checking your account profile). If any of these things didn’t happen, your order may not have been successfully processed. In which case, complete a ‘Contact Us’ form and specify your request, including all the details you have, and we’ll double check for you before you go and attempt to check out again.

Why do I have to pay for delivery?
There is a flat rate $10 postage cost on all transactions. This goes a little way to covering some of the costs of postage and packaging. This means if you make multiple orders on separate days, you’ll be required to pay for delivery for each of those orders. Payments are via PayPal.

If I check out multiple times, do I pay postage multiple times?
Yes. Each order is treated uniquely. If you check out multiple times, you will be charged postage for each transaction and receive each parcel separately. If you don’t want to pay multiple sets of postage, you can wait until all the products you want are available and make one order. Keep in mind that it is possible for products to sell out in this time, so you may end up missing out on a product you were hoping for.

When will I receive my order?
We pack and dispatch all orders at the end of the month once the Rewards Room closes. Orders from the November opening will be dispatched in the week commencing December 5, 2022. Once your parcel has been dispatched, we will email you (to the email you provided at checkout) with the tracking number so that you can stay up to date with where it is in the delivery process.

Can I change the delivery address of my order after I’ve checked out?
This is not currently an option, so please make sure you carefully fill in the delivery details (at checkout) with the correct information. We use the address you provide at checkout, not the address in your member profile. We will let you know if this option becomes available in the future.

Can I edit my order once it has been processed?
You cannot add to or remove products from your order once it has been processed (or edit the delivery address as noted above). Products stay in your cart for 20 minutes before they are released into the shopfront again. Once you begin to enter your payment information, if there is any change to your order, you will be redirected back to your order page, so you can begin the checkout process again. We will let you know if this option becomes available in the future.

I’ve been sent the wrong product, what do I do?
If you have been sent a product that differs from your order, please do not open or use the product. Doing so may result in you being ineligible for a points refund. Please reach out to us by completing a ‘Contact Us’ form and specify your request. We will endeavour to get back to you ASAP. We will post the correct product to you and include a post bag for you to return the incorrect product. If the product is not successfully returned or appears opened/used, you will be charged the points value of the additional product.

My product is broken / damaged, what do I do?
If your product arrives broken or damaged, for a replacement or points refund product you will be required to send the product back to us. If this has happened to you, please do not open or use the product. Doing so may result in you being ineligible for a points refund. Please reach out by completing a ‘Contact Us’ form and specify your request (including photos). We will post the correct product to you and include a post bag for you to return the incorrect product. If the product is not successfully returned (or appears used), you will be charged the points value of the additional product.

My product is faulty, what do I do?
If you think your product is faulty, please contact Bounty Parents through the ‘Contact Us’ form to be guided through the process. You will be required to send the product to Bounty Parents head office for assessment by the Bounty Parents team and the brand. If your product is deemed faulty (and is within warranty), Bounty will offer you either a repair, replacement, or points refund if replacement is not possible.

My haul from the Rewards Room hasn’t arrived in the mail. What should I do?
Please allow 6 weeks before contacting Bounty, noting that products are sent out within two weeks of the Rewards Room closing.

• Check the receipt that we emailed to you and that the address and email address are correct (if your post address is incorrect your parcel will not find you, and if your email address that you provided is incorrect, you will not receive the tracking number). If the post address provided is incorrect, unfortunately we cannot refund the postage, however if the parcel makes its way back to the warehouse unopened and intact, we’ll get in touch and happily refund your points. If the email you provided was incorrect, please contact Bounty Parents through the ‘Contact Us’ form and we’ll locate a copy of your order and forward it to you.
• Check with your local post office or mail centre to see if they’re holding the parcel. Sometimes, the posties forget to leave a card to tell you it’s ready for collection.
• If you’re having the parcel delivered to work, check with your colleagues and the mailroom to find out whether they’ve seen your parcel.
• Completed all the checks and still no sign of your parcel? Complete a ‘Contact Us’ form and specify your request eg. ‘Rewards Room parcel query’. Again, if you provided the incorrect post address, Bounty Parents cannot be held responsible.

What is ‘points racking’?
You can reasonably boost your points to redeem in the Rewards Room by submitting genuinely helpful reviews (unhelpful reviews won’t be approved).
However, we monitor activity for ‘points racking’ and should we suspect that this is being done, for example, by submitting numerous unhelpful reviews in a short time frame, we may penalise the member/s involved. Submitting reviews from other websites or from other Bounty members and passing them off as your own, is also considered points racking. Should points racking appear to have taken place on your account, your points and status will revert to 0 (Bronze). You will also be ineligible to participate in the Rewards Room for 12 months, win competitions or take part in Trial Teams opportunities.

If you have purchased your products, your parcel may be retained with your points being void and your postage refunded. If any parcels are purchased under a different account and sent to the same address, under no circumstances will these parcels be sent.
Points racking not only goes against the community spirit at Bounty Parents, but it also reduces the quality of information that the community uses to help make their purchases and it may result in loyal members missing out on spending their hard-earned points in the Rewards Room, on products that they genuinely want to try and review.

Where can I read the Community Guidelines for Bounty Parenting?
Click here to read the community guidelines. You can read the standard terms of use, disclosure policy and privacy policy for via the links in the footer below.

Please note all orders are final and cannot be altered for change of mind. If product arrives damaged or incorrectly shipped, we will endeavour to re-ship you a new/correct product (pending availability), otherwise refund your points.