Bounty Bags

For more than 35 years, Bounty has been supporting parents-to-be and parents on their child-raising journey.

The way many people first engage with Bounty is through our well-known and trusted Bounty Bags. The Parent-to-Be bag reaches women when they are 12-14 weeks pregnant, and the New Parent bag aims to reach new parents when their baby is only 48 hours old.

These Bags, distributed by midwives and Bounty representatives in hospitals nationally, are jam-packed with information and products aimed at this new life stage. All Bags’ contents comply with the World Health Organization (WHO) Code and SIDS guidelines, and support breastfeeding.

Where can I collect the Bounty Bags?

Bounty Bags can be collected through most Maternity Hospitals, Antenatal Clinics, Chemists, GPs, Obstetricians and Ultrasound Clinics.

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Prefer to shop online?

Bounty Bags can be delivered straight to your door by our partner: Magshop.

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Bounty Bags Distribution and Logistics

Please contact for enquiries regarding Bounty Bag distribution and logistics.