A  breastfeeding mum has asked Reddit if she’s in the wrong for not wanting to give her sister her stockpile of frozen breast milk.

Her sister, also a new mum, felt entitled to her milk and when told no has gotten the whole family involved and now the OP is questioning which one of them is in the right! What do you think?

Taking to the Am I the Arsehole thread on the forum, the mum wrote: “I’m a mother of a 4 month old baby girl. I breastfeed her exclusively, and have had a fairly good supply. Recently she has been unable to latch on my left breast, and I have been pumping that side, so I have a decent stockpile of milk.

“My sister also recently had a baby and decided against breastfeeding (which I support. Fed is best) My issue arose when she came over one day and asked if she could take my breast milk. She decided formula was too expensive and she would just take my breast milk that I pump.

“I told her no, that I was saving that in case baby girl has issues latching again or if I’m not around and she needs to be fed.”

” She decided formula was too expensive and she would just take my breast milk that I pump!”

The OP went on to explain that her sister, who chose not  to breastfeed “because she did not want her boobs to sag” freaked out at the denial.

“She told me I didn’t need that much and I could always pump more so giving her what I have pumped so far wouldn’t matter,” wrote the OP.

After the pair argued, the sister got the parents involved and now the entire family have been “blowing up” the OP’s phone.


The mum asked if she was in the wrong for not wanting to share her supply.

Responders were clearly on the side of the OP and outraged at the entitlement of her sister.

“Your sister clearly doesn’t understand how physically demanding and time-consuming it is to breastfeed and pump a supply!” wrote one commenter. “She has no right to the milk you’ve collected from your body for your own daughter. I don’t understand how she thinks it’s okay to assume she can just make you supply enough for two babies.”

Another noted how “creepy” the request was in the first place.

Many said the family was also in the wrong. “It’s sad your family didn’t teach her to be a responsible adult or She wouldn’t have asked for such a precious thing for free!” wrote one such responder.

While another summed up succinctly: “News flash to your sister, your boobs will sag either way.”

What do you think? Should the OP have shared her supply?