Prams & Carriers

Heading out and about? Whatever your lifestyle, you’ll find that somebody here has already designed the solution to help your family get around with bub with ease.

Bugaboo Stand


Extend the function of your Bugaboo pram with the Bugaboo Stand, and transform your bassinet into a sleeping sol…


Bugaboo Breezy Canopy


The multi-functional bugaboo breezy sun canopy provides sun protection, head-to-toe mosquito protection and extr…

$134.95 - $164.95

Bugaboo Organiser


The new and improved bugaboo organiser in black is designed for parents who want to keep all their personal item…


Bugaboo Cup Holder


Perfect for a bottle, sippy cup or beverage of your own. The bugaboo cup holder attaches to the handlebar for ea…


Bugboo Seat Liner


The breathable bugaboo seat liner makes every journey more comfortable and colourful. It protects the pram from …


Bugaboo Wheeled Board


The Bugaboo Comfort Wheeled Board is ideal for parents going out with a baby and toddler. Create a comfortable r…

$175.00 - $196.95

Bugaboo Donkey2 Twin


Going out with twins has never been easier – or as comfortable. Double the children means double the fun, …

$2599.00 - $2727.05

Bugaboo Ant


Great things really do come in small packages. Introducing the new Bugaboo Ant – our lightest, most compac…

$849.00 - $949