Working mum-of-two Jules Sebastian has a lot on her plate in general, but it’s the dinner on her plate that had fans in a tizz!

With husband Guy fulfilling his commitments on The Voice, 41-year-old Jules shared a dinner-time hack with her Instagram followers that sees her family of four of them fed in the most delicious way – slow cooker lasagne!

Jules Sebastian Slow Cooker Lasagne

Fans were left drooling as Jules demonstrated this simple dinner-time win.

Dinner time battles are familiar in many households across the world, and when you’ve three hungry men to feed finding something simple to make that they’ll actually want to eat is a parenting gold.

So when stylist Jules shared her simple, filling recipe with her 171,000 followers, declaring that her sons thought it “was better than any restaurant meal”, all ears were tuned in!

The five minute video sees Jules assembling the list of ingredients which included mince, store-bought pasta sheets and sauces, tomato paste, cream, grated cheese and a selection of pantry spices before beginning the meal prep which takes less than ten minutes … no wonder fans were excited!

WATCH: See the Jules Sebastian Slow Cooker Lasagne recipe that sent fans troppo below. Continues after video …

After the quick prep, the lasagne has a cooking time of three and a half hours, which left the busy mum plenty of time to catch up on the rest of her to-do list around the house while the cooking aromas filled her home with wintery good smells!

“In the 3.5 hours it took I did multiple loads of washing and curled my hair,” she said.

Perhaps what got fans most excited was the moment that Jules dished up a plate of her mouth-watering dinner which oozed with cheesey goodness.

And fans were quick to respond.

High-school sweethearts, Jules and Guy Sebastian have been married since 2008.

“Well I never knew you could slow cook that!” exclaimed one excited home cook.

“When’s your cook book coming out 😜 I’m living for these videos,” penned another.

Another gave Jules’ Italian-themed dinner the ultimate compliment by sharing: “I’m showing Nonna this. Fantastic!”

This wholesome family of four are certainly goals.

It’s Jules’ candid approach to sharing the realities of life as a working mum that makes her such a beloved Aussie celebrity.

Between work commitments and raising her two beautiful sons, Jules has been open the healthy dose of mum guilt that comes with being a working mother.

Speaking with Bounty Parents last year, Jules admitted that now that her sons are getting a little older she’s had time to reflect on the unrealistic expectation she put on herself at the beginning and shared some of the wisdom she’s acquired along the way.

“I’d tell new mums now not to stress yourself out, and don’t put pressure on yourself,” she said.

“Everybody on the planet does things differently. Your friend might do something that works for them, and you could try it and it’s a disaster.

“There’s no rule book, the kids make the rules. Hudson and Archer are eight and six and they’re still making the rules,” Jules laughed.

“I was chronically bad at the mum-guilt thing for the longest time, and now I just now that it serves no purpose. We’re all just doing our best.”