You know you’ve nailed parenting when your child comes home and tries to replicate their birthday experience!

That’s exactly what happened when Christina Aguilera’s adorable daughter Summer Rain created her own cardboard camper after spending her sixth birthday on a camping trip with her family!

Five-time Grammy winner, Christina shared images and a video of Summer Rain’s clever creation alongside a heartfelt birthday message in which she declared herself to be a “proud, blessed mama bear!” on Instagram.

“Happy Birthday to my little artist! Summer Rain 💕💕💕” penned the 39-year-old Dirrty songstress.

“She loved the campsite we went to so much, she decided to recreate her own camper from cardboard back home.

“This little gal is so smart and creative…with a vibrant sweet soul, the biggest heart and an adventurous free spirit. Unafraid to follow her own path and be herself no matter what.

“I am one proud, blessed mama bear 🐻💗💞 I love you my little Leo lioness…🦁🥳”

No need for the camping fun to ever end when you are THIS creative!

Christina’s fiancé, 35-year-old Matthew Rutler also shared a birthday tribute to Summer Rain.

Alongside a video of the little animal lover getting up close and personal with a snake while Christina looked on from a distance, he penned: “My little curious Leo. Happy Birthday Summer. I can’t believe that six years ago today you came into this world. I’ll never forget seeing you for the first time.

“It has been so bittersweet watching you grow up before my eyes. You love snakes but you give me butterflies and I couldn’t be more excited to watch you spread your wings and soar. I’ll be there for every flight. I love you. Daddy.”

“You love snakes but you give me butterflies!”

Christina and Matthew had previously shared camping videos and photos from a camping trip they took together, along with Christina’s son 12-year-old Max Liron who she shares with ex-husband 43-year-old Jordan Bratman.

Chistina Aguilera and Matthew Rutler got engaged on Valentine’s Day 2014 while she was pregnant with Summer Rain and are yet to wed.

Christina Aguilera and fiancé Matthew Rutler share Summer Rain, and Christina’s son 12-year-old Max Liron from ex-husband Jordan Bratman.

Speaking with People when Summer Rain was just a few months old, the Lady Marmalade songstress explained how they came up with their daughter’s unusual name.

“Summer is a time of spreading warmth and light, while rain washes away … replenishes and brings new life to allow growth and new beginnings,” Chroistina said, adding, “I wanted her name to be filled with inspiration, love and joy. And that’s exactly what she brings to all who encounter her. Her beauty and sunshine exude from within.”