Choosing the right names for your children is a big responsibility, so imagine how tricky it is to name two at once!

Whether you’re expecting two girls, two boys or one of each, we’re here to help you choose the perfect combination for your adorable new pair.

Things to consider when naming twins …

  • Are the names different enough that they won’t be confused for one another? eg Henry and Harry may become tricky.
  • Do you want your twins names to rhyme? Or maybe begin with the same letter as each other?
  • Do you want the names to be matching to showcase that the children are a pair?
  • Would you like the names to be very different from each other to highlight each child as an individual?
  • Will the names suit them as both babies and as adults?
  • Do the names have easy nicknames or abbreviations?

Once you’ve had a good think it’s time too choose your names. We’ve rounded up some of our favourite twin names combos in the three galleries below …

Naming twins is twice as tricky!

Sweet name combinations for twin girls

Sweet name combinations for twin boys

Sweet name combinations for girl/boy twins