Trying to work out whether your baby is too hot or too cold when they are in their sleeping bag is one of the biggest worries for parents.

And it’s this concern that gave two dads from Geelong, Victoria a genius idea.

As parents and business partners, Matthew Hearsch and Simon French have experienced the exhaustion, frustration and endless worry during those early months of parenthood. Together, they decided to do something about it.

The idea for SmartSnugg, the world’s first intelligent sleeping bag for infants, was born after Matthew and Simon realised there was no easy way to monitor their baby’s comfort and safety as he slept.

“There was plenty of information telling us what not to do; don’t overheat him, don’t sleep him on his tummy, don’t use blankets,” they explain.

“But how were we supposed to do all this and still get some sleep ourselves?”

After three years of hard work and determination and working alongside Deakin University and Australia’s leading electrical and industrial design experts, Matthew and Simon have launched the SmartSnugg.

The SmartSnugg sleeping bag monitors temperature in the bag, room temperature, baby sleeping position and movement in real-time and issues alerts and notifications to a mobile phone

“Parents don’t know if their babies are too hot or too cold inside a sleeping bag, which is a concern for most parents because it is a known risk factor of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome),” Matthew told the Geelong Advertiser.

“We also wanted to create a system that gave parents more insights and the ability to learn what the child’s comfort needs are and then provide a way for parents to meet those needs.

“We want all babies to be as comfortable as possible and to get the best possible sleep.”

Another of the many risk factors for SIDS is babies sleeping on their stomachs rather than their back.

“The SmartPebble is designed to be purchased, inserted in the bag and then left in the bag for up to nine months, with no need to recharge and no need to attach anything to your child,” he said.


How does it work?

The SmartSnugg® Starter Pack contains al the essential gear:

  • One SmartSleeper
  • One SmartPebble
  • One SmartBridge
  • The SmartSnugg App

Available in four colours, the custom-designed sleeping bag incorporates an internal SmartPocket to hold a SmartPebble securely in place which allows parents to receive live data and alerts about their child’s sleeping bag temperature, position, and movement levels.

Made from 100% cotton and bamboo jersey lining, the SmartSleeper is hypoallergenic, thermal regulating and allows for greater air flow.

Plus, the simple design keeps bub snug and securely swaddled without the need for complicated wrapping.

To find out more, check out the SmartSnugg website.