Getting good nutrition into little bellies can be challenging. For any number of reasons your kids can decide day to day that the food they liked yesterday is poison to their palate today, choosing to live on air instead.

A proven way to get good stuff into the gobs of an airatarian is a good old fashioned smoothie. They’re basically a meal disguised as a drink and they’ve been saving the parents of fussy eaters for as long as there have been blenders!

And unlike juicing, when you blend fruits and vegetables into a smoothie you retain the whole food, which leaves the fibre intact meaning everyone in the family gets the vitamins, minerals, protein, and fibre they need … and they don’t even realise.

How to make a smoothie

Be prepared for a quick spiel here, because making smoothies is the easiest meal-prep you’ll ever undertake. You simply grab a bunch of ingredients that compliment each other, whack them in a blender and blitz.

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Finding the right combinations that work for the tastebuds in your home can take time, fortunately we’ve rounded up some great recipes for you to try out that have been proven as kid-pleasers.

WATCH: Smoothie making with the Breville Super Q PLUS Keep scrolling for great smoothie options for filling hungry bellies while packing a nutritional punch.