Preparing for your baby’s arrival is an exciting time. However, the joy at holding up a teeny tiny pair of booties can quickly turn to panic when you try to work out what exactly you need to have before you bring bub home.

You only need to take a look through online marketplaces to see the array of as-new and unboxed gadgets and gizmos marketed as ‘must-haves’ for unsuspecting new parents, which in truth barely saw the light of day.

Sure electric rocking seats and alarmed video monitoring might seem like something that you have to have, but basically, to survive, all babies really need are items that keep them fed, warm, clean and safe. That’s really it. The rest you can figure out as you go.

Take a deep breath, because the truth is your baby won’t care if they don’t have a mobile above their bassinet – hey, they don’t even care if they have a bassinet!

Below we’ve shared the seven items you will need straight up when you bring bub home …

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