It’s back to school time and once you’ve finished checking off the list of everything you need – from the school bag to the uniform and to the drink bottle and lunch box – the next thing you’re going to want to do it label it to ensure all the gear comes home again.

Making life easier for parents keeping track of school supplies is the Cricut Joy. This handy little machine is a DIY and personalisation product, meaning it’s the perfect back to school gadget as you can create labels and personalise all your children’s belongings.

That new drink bottle will make it back from school with a personalised lable on it. Genius!

How does it work?

Cricut allows you to design the project of your choice on the Cricut design space app and cut a variety of materials to create unique designs and DIY projects with ease.

With its precision blade, Cricut Joy cut lots of materials in any shape – everything from vinyl and iron-on to cardstock, peel-and-stick label paper, and even that construction paper you already have at home.

Label, label, label until your heart’s content.

Mum-of-three from Melboure, Natasha Wilton is preparing to send her eldest child off to school this year and is planning to be super organised.

“My firstborn, Olive will be starting Prep this year, she is ready, me not so much,” says Natasha.

“But to get ourselves prepared for a new year of new experiences and routines, these are a few things we plan on doing!

1. Organise school uniform, comfortable shoes and lunchbox. Label them with personalised stickers of Olive’s name with our Cricut iron-on vinyl and permanent vinyl. Many school mums have encouraged us to label everything!

2. Start collecting ideas for healthy lunch boxes which are easy to make in bulk. Storing options in the pantry and freezer in preparation for the packing lunch boxes everyday.

3. Get the kids involved in packing their own lunch boxes, school bags and being able to recognise their own belongings.

4. Have fun! We have tried to do some fun things together before Olive goes to school. Her siblings will miss her so we have been spending some quality time hanging out and making some memories.

For Olive, finding and keeping her hat will be easy.

Mum-of-two Christina Carrera is busy preparing her kids for school.

“I cannot believe it’s almost that time again… yep, it’s back to school season! It almost doesn’t seem possible because last year disappeared into nothingness,” she says.

“This year I have my youngest Macie starting kindergarten and oldest Madison, will be in year two. Time just absolutely flies!”

Here’s Christina’s tips for getting organised for back to school.

1. Involve your children in the process. There’s nothing better than allowing your kids to select a back to school project to make them feel extra special, and definitely more excited about going back to school to show off their creations to their friends.

2. Give your kids a tablet or laptop and in Paint (or a drawing app of your choice) allow them to make some magic. The girls drew portraits of each other and then we used the images and uploaded them to the Cricut app Design Space.

3. Grab all Cricut materials before every project so you know you have all your essentials and don’t get caught mid-project with something you don’t have.

For our library bag we grabbed some Cricut Infusible Ink transfer sheets, a Cricut Infusible Ink tote bag, an EasyPress 2 and a Cricut Maker, and before long we had our very own glitz and glam personalised library bags all ready to go!

Macie’s drawing was turned into a cool, custom made bag.

Easy to set up, use and store away, the Cricut Joy Machine serves as a practical and convenient platform for your various DIY projects. Cut out decals, customise banners, or create your own greeting cards using the same machine.

Cricut Joy, $298,  is available from Harvey Norman.