Now more than ever, it’s important for you or your children to have their own study space.

While parents juggle working from home and children complete their homeschooling, creating a beautiful zone where children can feel encouraged to learn is easier and cheaper to achieve than you may have first thought.

On the new DIY Live Instagram series from Bunnings, lifestyle blogger Sarita Holland shows homeschooling parents and working from home Aussies how to transform any home space into the perfect kids study nook and how to add touches of greenery for a healthy and happy indoor environment.

Yes, you can create a stylish study nook on a tight budget.

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Here, Sarita shares her top 9 tips for creating the perfect study nook.

1. Pinterest is your best friend. Find stuff you love and use that as a guide to loosely emulate – but make it your own!

2. Get creative – look around your house and see if there’s anything you can upcycle to save costs.

3. Marketplace is your best friend – Buy, Swap Sell and Gumtree are all great places to find inexpensive bargains that can be reused. All you need is a good imagination!

Lifestyle blogger and mum-of-three, Sarita Holland is married to former Collingwood AFL star Brodie Holland.

4. Use both new and second hand/vintage items to give the space an authentic feel and look. Also add personal touches and family photos to warm up the space.

5. Sheer curtains make all the difference! They diffuse the light and make a space cosier.

6. One word, greenery. Lots of greenery – always! You can thank me later.

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Design a space where your kids will love to learn.

7. Use flat pack cabinetry but make it your own by adding some different knobs/handles.

8. Try and find a space that can be interchangeable and flexible. For instance, we will be using this space for term two as the kids school/learning station and the bench we made has proven to be the perfect reading nook!

On the rug, we play board games and the kids use their devices here as we have a no device rule in their bedrooms. Stevie has turned the desk into her little lip gloss making station during the holidays and it has meant that the rest of the house can stay free from games, crafts and mess!

9. Don’t limit your imagination! Take risks and have fun with colourways, textures and materials – if you create a space tailored to your kids’ personality, they will love it and be more eager to spend time in there.

Make the space flexible so it can be used for a play area, a chill-out zone, or a space where your pets can relax!

The before shot proves you can use simple key furniture pieces to create a stunning space.

All projects on the Bunnings DIY Live Instagram series are easy to replicate and require low cost and readily available materials, many that people may already have in their homes!

Key products used – All products are available in store and online at Bunnings.