The joy of falling pregnant comes with a whole range of exciting revelations, including the simple fact that you're growing, nurturing and nursing another person into this world.

However, along with regular scans that make you do nothing but smile (not to mention the shameless amount of peanut butter ice-cream you may or may not find yourself eating every other night), sometimes, pregnancy can bring with it a few bumps in the road.

But what can maternity compression tights do to alleviate the pains and strains that can come with pregnancy? Here, we answer all your questions…

Specially designed prenatal compression tights by 2XU.

Why should I wear compression tights during pregnancy?

Compression tights not only help compress swelling that can occur throughout the pregnancy, but they also help to alleviate lower-back pain and reduce joint pain, as well as provide support to pelvic-floor muscles that may be subject to strain during pregnancy.

Maternity compression tights have also been touted as useful in lifting the discomfort and swelling of hormone-induced varicose veins.

These over-the-bump tights have a double-layered gusset built into them for pelvic-floor support.

What do maternity compression tights actually feel like to wear?

Despite being in and out of hospital throughout her pregnancy, Mother & Baby roadtester Tanzia tried 2XU's PreNatal Compression tights on for size and, as she tells us, found these tights great for running around doing everyday errands.

"I found these tights extremely comfortable when standing and walking around, and continued to wear them even through the hot weather of an Aussie summer!" she says.

"Sitting was OK for short periods of time, but after a while, I still found the pelvic-floor band a little uncomfortable, but otherwise great to move around in."

The seam-free panel allows the tights to 'grow' with your during your pregnancy.

Where can I buy maternity compression tights?

If you want to pick up a pair of prenatal compression tights, 2XU offer a range of tights to suit your needs (including Active Maternity Tights). Visit www/ to find the right pair for you.