Ever found yourself staying up late at night googling the most educational toys for your baby? Or perhaps you've spent way too long thinking about whether there are hidden chemicals hiding in your baby's favourite toys or not? (Especially when their constantly putting everything in their mouth…)

When it comes to being a new parent, questions surrounding what is and isn't right for our little ones are endless, which is why we've taken it upon ourselves to take one of those stresses off your shoulders, by rounding up the best organic baby toys available on the Australian market.

And trust us: both you and your baby will love them!

Organic baby toys

Because every baby needs a ball that they can also chew on, two toys in one!

This organic toy also comes in three different sizes to choose from and is super adorable.

Every baby needs a phone, how else are they going to take cute selfies!

We all know how confusing learning the alphabet can be – this easy-on-the-eye drawing board makes learning the A-B-Cs simple and fun.

Who doesn't want a blue sports car that also helps the environment?

Every baby needs an animal bestie to look out for them.

Cuddles with Cubby the bear? Yes please.

This sweet set will keep your little one entertained long enough for you to enjoy a cup of tea…

How else would your baby know it's time to wake you up again in the middle of the night? This fun clock is made from organic beechwood.

There isn't anything sweeter than chewing on this heart beech Teether (seriously, though) It's made from organic Beech Wood and is finished with an organic olive oil and beeswax blend.

This is a cute, organic cotton companion for your baby during nap time.

This elephant is made from natural Egyptian organic cotton scraps and is also ecofriendly. This is one Egyptian Elephant that your baby will probs become obsessed with.

Every baby needs an organic cotton bear blanket that they can also drool and bite on. This is also made using low impact dyes.

This giraffe is made from 100% organic BIO cotton and maize fibre filling. It's also adorable, right?