Trying to conceive

Believe it or not conception doesn't come as naturally as you might think. The average couple with no medical problems has only a 15 to 20 per cent chance of conceiving per menstrual cycle.

Many couples are opting to boost their fertility before trying to conceive by eating well. Eating the right foods packed with the right nutrients can naturally boost your chances of conceiving quickly.

One food that is fantastic for boosting fertility naturally is Zespri Gold Kiwifruit. The kiwifruit variety is packed with loads of nutrients that are extremely beneficial for women looking to conceive.

Accredited Practising Dietitian Geraldine Georgeou says: “The nutritional benefits of Zespri Gold Kiwifruit make it truly worth its weight in gold, with an army of nutrients other fruits could only dream of. In fact there’s twenty nutrients and minerals in each piece."

Zespri Gold Kiwifruit has great fertility benefits.

So what's so amazing about this kiwifruit variety that helps to boost fertility so much?


Zespri Gold Kiwifruit is a low G.I. food that is low in fat and a rich source of folate.

Adopting a healthy lifestyle of eating low G.I. carbohydrates, balanced proteins and low fat foods has been found to promote fertility in women trying to conceive. A healthy diet combined with regular exercise and focusing on being a ‘healthy weight’ are all important factors for fertility.


Zespri Gold Kiwifruit contains three times more Vitamin C than oranges and contains 100% of your daily needs in one serve.

Vitamin C also wards off the effects of stress, which in turn helps to increase the chances of falling pregnant.


Kiwifruit contains 10% of the recommended daily folate intake, which is vital for the health of a mother and child during pregnancy, and for the prevention of neural tube birth defects.

It is recommended that you increase your daily intake of folate for at least one month prior to pregnancy and throughout pregnancy.


Don’t forget about your partner, who plays a very important role in conceiving! Kiwifruit is packed with zinc, which is great for men as it helps to produce testosterone for a high sperm count.


Actinidain is a digestive enzyme unique to Kiwifruit, which aids the digestion of foods after meals and can help to keep you regular.

It helps to break down proteins and relieves that bloated feeling, which you’ll definitely appreciate once you do fall pregnant.