Baby name lists: Find inspiration from the best baby name lists in 2024

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Explore the creative baby names on these carefully curated lists and discover names you may never have thought of.

Choosing a name for your baby is never easy, and while we all aim for a moniker that will be uniquely their own, sometimes choosing a classic is the way to go. Then again, perhaps a name that gives a nod to your ancestry, or your favourite movie or place is the answer.

Whatever you way you go, we can help with lists broken down by theme and style to make it easier for you to explore and decide.

Baby name trends in 2024

McCrindle’s research into Australia’s most popular baby names identified some trends when it comes to naming our babies.

Short over long In recent years McCrindle has identified a trend of Australian parents opting for shorter names as first names.

Names ending in ‘ie’ for girls and ‘o’ for boys In true Aussie fashion, we are also seeing a trend of shortening names and adding an ‘ie’ on the end: Rose to Rosie, Savannah to Sadie, Amelia to Millie, Isabella to Billie, Charlotte to Charlie, Elizabeth to Ellie and William to Billy.

For boys, there is also a trend of names that end with an ‘o’. Names like Leo, Hugo, Theo and Leonardo which were all popular in the past year.

Botanic and nature-inspired names Flower names like Willow, Lilly, Ivy, Violet, Daisy, Poppy and Olive remain popular, while atmosphere-inspired names like Luna, Aurora and Stella are seeing a rise in popularity.

Kai, River and Bodhiare examples of nature-inspired names for boys that have proven popular.

Why not explore the creative baby names on the carefully curated lists below and discover names you may never have thought of.

When it comes to naming our babies, we could all use a little help! (Image: Getty)

Baby names from around the world and their meanings

Arabic Baby Names
Australian Baby Names
Celtic Baby Names
Chinese baby names
European Baby Names
French Baby Names
Gaelic Baby Names
Gender-neutral Japanese Baby Names
Greek Baby Names
Hindu Baby Names
Indigenous Australian Baby Names
Irish baby names
Italian Baby Names
Maori Baby Names
Nordic baby names for boys
Nordic baby names for girls
Place names inspired by Australian towns
Polynesian Baby Names
Scottish Baby Names
Three-syllable Irish Baby Names for boys 
Viking Baby Names
20 of the most beautiful Spanish baby names for your sweet pequeño!

You can honour your family with a beautiful name from a country in your ancestry (Image: Getty)

Baby names inspired by the elements and their meanings

The best astrology element inspired baby names
Baby names inspired by air
Baby names inspired by earth
Baby names inspired by fire
Baby names that mean water
Baby names inspired by the sun

Zodiac baby names

The best astrology element inspired baby names
Aries baby names
Taurus baby names
Gemini baby names
Cancer baby names
Leo baby names
Virgo baby names
Libra baby names
Scorpio baby names
Sagittarius baby names
Capricorn baby names
Aquarius baby names
Pisces baby names

Baby names inspired by nature and their meanings

Baby names by animals
Baby names inspired by birthstones
Baby names inspired by flowers
Baby names inspired by nature
Beachey baby names
Baby names inspired by birds

Baby names inspired by the seasons and their meanings

Autumn baby names
Spring baby names 
Summer baby names
Winter baby names

Baby names to use in 2024 and their meanings

Baby names that mean serene, calm and tranquility
Leap Year baby names
Baby names for Easter babies
Baby names that mean Dragon for ‘Year of the Dragon’
Baby names for your rainbow baby
Baby names to bring luck in 2024
Best baby names for blonde babies
Best baby names for dark haired babies
Best baby names for redheads
Cool baby boy names to use in 2024
Gender neutral baby names in 2024
Lockdown inspired baby names
Most popular baby names in 2024
Posh baby names
Top baby names in NSW
Unique baby names to use in 2024
Unusual baby boy names in 2024

In 2023 you can be as creative as you like when it comes to naming your baby (Image: Getty)

Baby names inspired by television, books and the movies and their meanings

Aussie celebrity baby names
Bluey Baby Names
Book baby names
Bridgerton Baby Names
Celebrity baby names
Disney Baby Boy Names
Disney Baby Girl Names
Encanto Baby Names
Gender-Neutral Celebrity Baby Names
Netflix Baby Names
Peaky Blinders Baby Names
Unleash the power with Marvel-Inspired baby names

Letter baby names and their meanings

Baby names by the letter
A baby names
B baby names
C baby names
D baby names
E baby names
F baby names
G baby names
H baby names
I baby names
J baby names
K baby names
L baby names
M baby names
N baby names
O baby names
P baby names
Q baby names
R baby names
S baby names
T baby names
U baby names
V baby names
W baby names
X baby names
Y baby names
Z baby names

Vintage baby names and their meanings

20 classic old-fashioned baby names and their modern nicknames
Gen X baby names
Millennial baby names
Most used Royal baby names from around the world
Old lady baby names
Old man baby names
Retro baby names
Royal baby names
Vintage baby names

Whatever name you choose, your new baby will wear it well (Image: Getty)

Baby name lists and their meanings

Three letter gender neutral baby names
Positive baby names
35 delicious food-inspired baby names for foodie families
90s baby names
Baby names ending in ie
Baby names for social media stars
Baby names inspired by Australian athletes
Baby names inspired by colours
Baby names inspired by fruit
Baby names inspired by gemstones
Baby names inspired by magic
Baby names inspired by music
Baby names that mean beautiful
Baby names that mean handsome
Baby names that mean love
Baby names that mean strength
Baby names that means wealth
Biblical baby names
Bogan baby names
Boho baby names
Boho girl baby name combinations
Modern middle names
One syllable baby boy names
One syllable girl names
One syllable middle names
Surnames that make great first names too

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