Ask The Village: “Would love some suggestions on beautiful girl names beginning with E”

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Nearly 4000 commenters responded to this mum's request for names that begin with an E!

Choosing a baby name is tricky. With so many outside influences offering their opinion, and hormones raging internally, it can be tricky for couples to come to a name they can both agree on.

When you add limitations on that name, like themes or matching first letters, that task can become overwhelming.

One mum-to-be took advantage of our Ask the Village forum to check in with the community in the hope that they could help her out of a conundrum.

“Baby names beginning with E, please!” she asked. “My hubby’s name is Eddie, my name is Eleanor and we have a 3-year-old son named, Easton. We are expecting a baby girl soon and would love some suggestions on beautiful girl names beginning with E. Thank you!”

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Nearly 4000 members of our community jumped in to offer name suggestions for one pregnant mumma.

As always, our community was ready and waiting to offer their wisdom to help out another parent in need. Almost 4000 of them, in fact!

E names for girls came in thick and fast, alongside sweet anecdotes about what made that name special to them.

“My only child is named Eden Olivia. It breaks down to mean ‘garden of peace’,” offered one commenter.

While another offered this warning: “My name is Elise but it gets mispronounced as Elsie at some doctors surgeries!”

Yet another offered this name that might not get called out a lot in class: “I wanted a vowel name for my last baby, and named her Eryka… she was the only Eryka at school for the last 4 years!”

Scroll down for more E names for baby girls in the gallery below.

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40 sweet names for girls that begin with an E

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