With season two of Bridgerton hitting Netflix, once again, we can’t get enough of the period drama.

In case, you haven’t caught the swoon-worthy show, the romantic series is based on Julia Quinn’s bestselling novels and is basically what Gossip Girl would be like if it was set in 1800s high-society London.

From the fashion to the sex and the scandals and of course, the Duke in season one, viewers fell hard and fast for the period drama when it first hit our screens in 2021.

And now with many of us bingeing season two, we wouldn’t be surprised with a show this popular that we’re about to see a Bridgerton-inspired trend in baby names.

Parenting website Bella Baby believe Bridgerton baby names will surge in popularity.

“We’ve seen in the last few years that popular Netflix series’ have influenced the trend in baby names for that year and the next,” said a rep from Bella Baby.

“We predicted that regency era names, just like those of the characters in the show, will be amongst the most popular this year and next. It’ll be interesting to see how many Daphne’s, Eloise’s and Thompson’s will be running around in a few years time.”

For parents-to-be who love the show, check out our list of Bridgerton-inspired names.

Would you name your little lady Daphne?

Bridgerton-inspired names for girls

Bridgerton-inspired names for boys