30 of the most beautiful gemstone inspired baby names from all over the world

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30 gorgeous names inspired by crystals and gems.

What’s in a name? Choosing a name for your child is an arduous task that will lay a foundation for the course of their entire life. To give your little one the best start for a life of success, happiness and prosperity, many parents choose to gift them with a precious gemstone related name.

UK gold specialists, PhysicalGold.com researched popular gemstone related baby names from the world over to come up with the definitive lists you’ll find in the galleries below …

Most popular gemstone names for boys

With Hebrew origins, the most popular male gemstone baby name is Ruben! Ruben is the 377th most popular baby name in the world and is most prevalent in Mexico.

Jasper ranks second and is the 11,177th most popular name in the world for males. Meaning ‘treasurer’ in Persian, it is popular in the Netherlands and can also be linked to the jasper gemstone.

Garnet, the January birthstone, ranks third; it is the 45,441st most popular baby name in the world!

Berilo, of Spanish origins and relating to the pale green gemstone known as ‘Beryl’, ranks ninth here as the 329,982nd most popular name in the world.

Finally, in tenth is the name Onyx, referring to the black gemstone, is the 336,421st most popular name in the world, and most popular in the United States.

Most popular gemstone names for girls

The most popular gemstone baby name for girls is Margaret!

Margaret, although derived from the French ‘Marguerite’, in Old Persian and Sanskrit, means ‘pearl’. It is also the 214th most popular baby name in the world.

The second most popular gemstone baby name for females is Farida, Arabic for ‘precious pearl’. It is ranked as the 673rd most popular name in the world. Farida is most prevalent in Algeria.

In third place is Ruby, ranking 1,872nd for worldwide popularity. A ruby is globally known as the birthstone for the month of July.

Esmeralda, Spanish for ‘Emerald’, is the ninth most popular gemstone baby name, and the 3,264th most popular name in the world. Esmeralda is most commonly found in Mexico.

Finishing the top ten is Olive, of English origin, this name comes from both the Olivine stone and the Olive tree. Olive ranks 5,714th worldwide.

Most popular gender-neutral gemstone names

In first place is Lin, the English written, Chinese word meaning ‘Jade’, is the 47th most popular name in the world. Adi, meaning ‘jewel’ follows behind in second, at 2,092nd globally.

Morgan, related to the Morganite stone and of Welsh origin, is in third and ranks as the 4,506th most popular baby name in the world. It is most common in the United States.

Jem ranks ninth as the 78,540th most popular baby name globally. Ocean, of Greek and Aboriginal origins, finishes this set in tenth. The 80,377th most popular name worldwide, being most popular in Zambia.

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