Whether we like it or not, technology is a massive part of our lives and for our kids, they've never known anything different.

Children have grown up surrounded by computers, smart phones and iPads and are even learning things at school that never would have been a thing when we were young such as coding and how to be safe when it comes to cyberbullies. And it's only going to become bigger with every next generation.

When it comes to entertainment, some things never go out of style like kicking around a footy or seeing the latest Disney movie, but what about when it comes to the Internet? We've rounded up some of the best games for little minds to keep them stimulated in a safe space online.

1. Peppa’s matching cards club

A simple game that helps with memory. (Image: ABC)

Peppa Pig seems to be something of an obsession with kids around the world, so we had to include her on this list.

This simple game involves clicking on the cards to find the matching one. Not only is Peppa involved, but it helps develop memory skills in a fun situation.

Play the card game and many more Peppa Pig games here.

2. NASA Kids’ Club

Launch off to Mars on the NASA Kids' Club site. (Image: NASA)

For any budding space explorers, the NASA Kids' Club will be their new favourite site.

Part of NASA's official website, the interactive games aim to teach kids more about the solar system and outer space. In the various games and activities, they can launch off to Mars, take a look at Earth from space, paint rockets and learn more about the International Space Station.

And whether they're boys or girls, it may even make them want to pursue a career in STEM down the track.

Check out all of the games on the NASA Kids' Club here.

3. The Wiggles’ Sun Safety with Dorothy

Sun safety education doesn't have to be boring. (Image: ABC)

Sun safety is important no matter how old you are, but this cute little educational game ties in education with a character they're sure to love.

In the game, the player aims to help Dorothy the Dinosaur from The Wiggles to fill her beach bag and get ready for the day. Kids will choose, for example, whether Dorothy should pack a long sleeved shirt or a singlet. If they choose the wrong one, it won't work, but if they choose the more sun-safe option, they get to move on to the next round.

Play the game on the ABC website here.

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4. Quiz Whiz

Put their skills to the test on the National Geographic website. (Image: National Geographic)

Kids are naturally inquisitive and love to learn, so why not encourage that with some educational trivia?

The National Geographic's Kids' Club boasts a host of quizzes ranging on everything from animals to comets and meteors to pop culture. Some of these questions had us adults stumped, so it's probably not great for the little ones, but they'll be full of facts by the end of it.

Play the Quiz Whiz: Animals quiz here.

5. The Magic School Bus Maze Craze

A puzzle that will keep them occupied. (Image: Scholastic)

Puzzles are one of the most basic problem-solving games out there and there are some great online options.

This one on the Scholastic website requires the player navigate their way around a maze in the iconic Magic School Bus and collect escaped animals and plants from their environment. For each item they collect, they learn a fun fact. They just need to avoid the mud piles or they'll lose points.

Play the Magic School Bus Maze Craze here and visit the Scholastic site for more educational games.