20 parents


Medela Silicone Breast Milk Collector


Medela Silicone Breast Milk Collector achieved an all over 4.5/5 star rating.


All 20 of the Bounty Parents who trialled the Medela Silicone Breast Milk Collector found it easy to transfer their breast milk from the collector to the bottle/storage bags and also found the accessories helped to protect against accidentally spilling that liquid gold.

Of the trail team, 95% of mums found that the collector was easy to use and to clean, and agreed that they’d recommend Medela Silicone Breast Milk Collector to other breastfeeding mums as they believe the using a trusted brand is important to them.

Our reviewers loved lanyard that stops the collector being kicked away by a wriggly baby, and the suction bottom of the bottle that prevents it from being knocked over.


– Great product

I thought this product was great! It was convenient to port around, easy to use, clean and sterilise, discreet (ie no loud pumping noises) and best off all it caught a lot of milk that would normally go to waste or would need to be pumped. The cap was a brilliant addition as well!

– Easy to use

This product was easy to use and transfer milk from cup to storage, easy to clean. All round great product. Will definitely be recommending to the other breastfeeding mums I know.

– Good features

It took a while for suction however once got going it was efficient, it did tend to move around a little, stopper is good idea to take in and out as needed, good features to prevent spilling.

– Breastfeeding Bestie

I love that I can use this product to collect milk from let-down whilst feeding bub on the other side. It’s an amazing time and energy saver, which is a huge plus for us time-poor mamas!
I found the suction to be perfect. It didn’t randomly pop off the breast, which was something I had issues with another brand in the past. And for extra peace of mind, it comes with a super handy lanyard – great for those flying/fidgety arms!
The suction bottom of the product is another lovely feature, knowing I can safely pop it on the table beside me once the milk has been collected, and continue to feed bub without worrying the milk could be knocked off and spilt.
Overall, super happy with this product and will continue using it and recommend it to fellow breastfeeding mum friends!

– Clever product

I find this is a really clever product, when you are feeding on one side, the other side is always dripping lots and lots of milk. I find it soaks through my multi-layered nursing pad and also my breastfeeding pad and sometimes my shirt which means it leaves me feeling cold while I finish the feed and afterwards I have to get changed, this is a clever solution to capture the milk easily. The suction is great and stays on while I feed. It is easy to clean. It is soft and gentle on my skin and against my baby as well.

– Great collector

I loved the strap for hands free collection but the best feature was the lid to stop those accidental spills! The suction base actually stuck to the bench as well.

– Effective

Seems to do a similar job to other products that are similar on the market. No complaints. Unfortunately I don’t collect a huge amount due to my flow, but still handy.

– Simple and easy to use

This is a great product for catching the letdown to have some expressed milk on hand. The accessories that come with it are great for storing the milk if you can’t transfer it straight away. Suction is sometimes too strong though.

– Love the lanyard

I loved the small size of the Medela silicone breast milk collector for later as it’s not as bulky when I’m not producing as much milk and don’t need a large volume, so I feel good when it looks fuller with the smaller capacity. I also love the lanyard so when it gets knocked off by the little one, you don’t lose all your milk or scramble for dear life trying to catch it. I wish the yellow stopper had a different colour, shape or size as it seems like an interesting item for little ones to grab and can perhaps be a choking hazard as it can easily fit in baby’s mouth. But overall, I do enjoy the Medela collector and would recommend it.

– Light and easy to use

I found this product so light and easy to use. So much better than using a manual for electric pump as it does the work for you, so you can focus on your baby! Easy to clean and use again!

– Overall a great product

I loved that I could collect milk at the same time I was breastfeeding. I could easily collect a bottle of milk over the course of the day – and anything that saves me time (not needing to express) is a big win with a newborn and toddler. Overall it is a great product with lots of features to love!

– No accidental spills

This collector is light weight whilst still being durable. It is a great way to collect breast milk handsfree. The base auctions well and the stopper saves accidental spills!!

– Discreet and quiet

This is fantastic! Easy to use, discreet and quiet, suction to breast excellent although doesn’t mimic breastfeeding. Easy to clean afterwards and holds milk without leaking.

– Great for catching milk

Great to have on one side while nursing bub, catches a lot that would otherwise go to waste. The lanyard is awesome to help keep it from falling however can be a bi fiddly to get off with the lanyard clip. Otherwise I love it!

– Superior brand

I really enjoyed using this. I have a silicone milk collector in a couple of brands and I have to say, I think the Medela brand is superior. The suction is great, it’s also easy to hand express. I like the milk stopper too and best of all, it’s easy to clean.

– Soft materials and great suction

Works much the same as other silicone breast pumps, this one has soft plastic and great suction. I like the lanyard so I can remove suction when I’ve taken enough out but I can also let it hang until my letdown stops without having to put it down right away. It holds a little less than others but that also makes it smaller and easier to manoeuvre

– Such good quality

Absolutely adored the Medela breast milk collector. I’ve used two others and this one was such great quality and came with all the pieces in one box! I would definitely recommend this product 🙂

– Really efficient

I’ve used other breast milk collectors and have found I can never get much from them, or they are fiddly to put on. The medala milk collector was really user friendly. The suction bottom and lid was handy for when my 9 month old wanted to try and grab it while feeding. I collected milk easily while feeding her so was great for efficiency. The lanyard is also a great addition as you don’t have to worry about it spilling on the floor. All in all I was really happy with my experience and will continue using

– Beneficial in early months

I think this collector would have been more beneficial in the early months of breastfeeding when my milk supply was establishing and I leaked more, as it can collect a large volume of milk. However, I  currently prefer using Medela’s milk collector shells which are less bulky and easily slip into my nursing bra. The silicone collector didn’t have great suction, so I couldn’t really go hands free. While the lanyard keeps the bottle from falling and spilling, I found it awkward to wear. Although the suction base and stopper are handy features to prevent spills and for quick storage in the fridge.

– Effective pump

Seems to do a similar job to other products that are similar on the market. No complaints. Unfortunately I don’t collect a huge amount due to my flow, but still handy.

*Stats are based on a survey of 20 Bounty Parents Trial Team members.

The products for this Trial Team have been provided by Medela for the purpose of trial and review. All reviews submitted are the honest, authentic and genuine sentiments of the Bounty Parents members participating in this trial.