Sanchia Pegley

A writer and editor with decades of professional (and personal) experience in the parenting space, Sanchia Pegley is fascinated by the all things conception, pregnancy, birth and beyond. Having non-ID twins by c-section a few weeks after her firstborn turned two was a steep learning curve, but she wouldn't change a thing.
Image of Brittany Higgins and husband David Sharaz walking down the aisle on their wedding day, and a pair of baby dungarees and blue socks pegged on a washing line
New parents with baby
Mum and daughters bringing delivery package into home
How to raise outdoor kids: Getting to know your neighbourhood
Boy reading books
Babysitter/ young mum having fun dancing with child/ son at home
Mother holiday in Sydney, selfie with kids in front of Sydney Harbour Bridge
Young woman lying on bed with smiling baby
DJ Dorothy the Dinosaur and her crew are taking over Sonic Neon at Luna Park Sydney