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Bugaboo Fox 3


Bugaboo Fox 3 achieved an all over 5/ 5 star rating.


The Bugaboo Fox 3 provides the ultimate in comfort and safety for your child. The pram is lightweight and is a breeze for parents to push, whether you are strolling with bub down an urban footpath or exploring on bumpier terrain.

All of our Bounty Trial Team members were impressed with the smoooth ride offered by the Bugaboo Fox 3 and found it easy to manoeuvre in any setting.

Our reviewers loved the breezy panels in the canopy and in the bassinet which helped keep their bub cool on a hot day.

The Bugaboo Fox 3 has a large under storage basket and 100% of our members found it handy for storing bags and other gear.

Our Trial Team members loved the fact that the Bugaboox Fox 3 can grown with their newborn up to toddlerhood and be a comfy ride whatever the age and stage of their child.


A game changer!

I was so excited to get to trial this pram! I’ve heard such good things about Bugaboo prams but as a single mum with two young kids I’ve never been able to afford a pram at this price point. After trialling this I can see the difference between a cheap pram and an expensive one – and honestly it’s worth the price tag! It was super easy to put together by myself and the instructions were clear and detailed. The pram is nice and big so my toddler doesn’t fuss when he gets in and he’s actually relaxed and happy in there! The bassinet is lovely and I really like that it’s vented for bub’s comfort. The peekaboo window is super cute too! Although the pram is quite big it’s super lightweight and I was able to lift, carry and fold it easily.

A cut above the rest

Wow, I don’t know where to begin but this pram is on another level and can see why so many people rave about Bugaboo. It is honestly worth its price, I found it very easy put together with clear instructions and you can tell there has been a lot of thought put into this. I have a baby and a toddler so I really enjoyed using this pram and its features to the max! I love that the bassinet is vented, first time I have seen this before and does help keep the airflow going when I go for walks. I can tell this will be my saviour in the summertime so it doesn’t get too hot for my baby and I don’t have to attach a mini fan. There is also a peekaboo window in the extended canopy as well which I thought was a nice touch. I have heard about the one hand push and this pram was certainly responsive. The wheels are nice and big which could handle pretty much all terrain like gravel, sand, grass you name it and was super smooth which didn’t disturb either of my kids. My husband is more of the adventurous walker and he loved how this pram would handle everything including the rocky steps as well as the adjustable handle bar so he could tailor it to his height. The toddler seat was reversible so I could have my little one facing me or outward and can adjust the canopy for the right coverage. The fabric is super soft with a big plus knowing it was machine washable so I didn’t have to worry when my toddler made a mess.

I wish I had this pram for my first 2 kids!

I don’t even know where to begin with reviewing the Bugaboo Fox 3, because I love absolutely everything about it! I have used a Bugaboo pram up until now (Chameleon) and it has seen me through two kids and into a third. The Bugaboo brand was recommended to me early on, and as soon as I got one I knew why – the quality is really high and the functionality seems to exceed its rivals, plus it has been worth every cent because using it for multiple kids has meant that it has been a good long-term investment. The Fox 3 is no exception to the high quality and innovation that Bugaboo prides itself for – this pram has all the touches of a high quality Bugaboo product, but it appears that they have thought of everything and have upped the anti on included features. It took only 10 minutes to put together out of the box and I was really impressed by the way the pram looked once it was set up. The Fox 3 is practical too… its an all-rounder with a bassinet attachment; which will take my bub from newborn to 6 months or so when she will be able to use the seat attachment that comes with it, which means that I won’t need to upgrade as she grows. There is a basket underneath that holds a fair amount of things too, so I was able to grab some groceries and store them below. I have the Fox 3 in the Grey Melange colour which looks really sleek, and is a great gender neutral colour so it will be perfect if I decide to have another bub down the track. But there are a large range of colour options available if you are after something else. The bassinet and seat coverings are extremely lightweight and breathable and come with panels that allow air to flow through, which kept my daughter cool on hot days as well. The wheels are advertised as ‘all terrain’ and I agree with this because it was a dream to push on all ground types. We have been on paths, gravel, grass and at the shops and it didn’t let me down once. I don’t know if it’s the wheels or the suspension, but bub was able to sleep soundly with minimal bouncing around; even when walking on bumpy paths. From past experience, one of the main things that I like to consider with prams is the steering, and the ‘push test’. Like a car, I have noticed that some prams need to turn in full circles, but the Fox 3 has a really close turning circle. As for the ‘push test’, the pram is really lightweight and is a dream to push because it requires only minimal effort. All the clips and attachments are simple to understand, and I think the Fox 3 is really self explanatory because with kids around there isn’t a lot of free time to refer to the manual every time I want to do something. I was able to fold the pram down pretty easily and didn’t have to much around with it much to get the job done. It folded into a good size too, and would fit in most boots. All in all the Fox 3 is practical, high quality, easy to manoeuvre, looks really good and I highly recommend it.

Great quality pram

I absolutely love this pram! As so many mums I talked to raved about the Bugaboo brand I was really excited to try out the new Fox 3. It was nice and easy to put together out of the box as it came with clear and easy to follow instructions. As someone who rarely puts IKEA furniture together on her own, I had the pram set up and ready to go in about 15 minutes. I found the Fox 3 intuitive to operate. When I bought my first pram, I wheeled it out to the car before realising I had no idea how it collapsed. After 10 minutes of pushing every button and pulling every leaver I could see I resigned to folding down the back seats in my car and putting the pram in un-collapsed (though perhaps my 30+ week pregnant brain was not helping that situation). No such problems with the Fox 3… It was immediately obvious how the pram collapsed and how the handlebar could be adjusted. As our son is only 4 months old, we have only used the bassinet attachment so far. The bassinet is spacious which I like as my son loves to throw his arms and legs around while we are out on a walk. It does however mean the pram is quite large. While we have space at home to park our pram, its size may be a consideration if we lived in a small house or apartment. This pram drives like a dream, giving a very smooth ride. We live near a nature reserve and take our son for a walk there almost every day. Our old pram was too rigid for the gravel path, leading to an uncomfortably bumpy ride, forcing me to take alternative (less scenic) paved routes. The more forgiving frame of the Fox 3 handles the gravel with the perfect about of vibration to rock my boy to sleep. Though sometimes if the path’s too smooth to rock him to sleep I’ll even push the pram along the grass, which it handles well too. My only suggestion is that the safety strap be moved to the side of the handlebar. As it arises from the middle it can be awkward to grip at times. All in all I am very happy with the Fox 3 and would recommend it to any parent looking for a good quality pram.

Life changer!

I was so happy to have received this to review as it was a total life changer! I had a Mima Xari before this one which was the pram I used when I had my first child and the Bugaboo Fox 3 made life for me so much easier, I honestly wish I had it back when I first had my baby. First of all, it’s such a light pram – super gentle, especially if you’ve just had a c-section, it’s be no means heavy to lift. In comparison to the Mima, this definitely would have been so much more easier to manoeuvre, fold and use especially after giving birth when you are the most fragile. Second, the wheels are a lot bigger making it a lot easier to steer and get around. We took the kids to the park the other day and I didn’t find myself reversing and having to push harder and faster to get through certain grassy areas, it just glides through. Third, it is much easier to fold up and pack into the boot. It’s also a lot more compact, giving me extra room for groceries and shopping. I especially like how it can stand on its own once folded. The Mima comes apart into two parts and I’m constantly having to lean the frame onto a wall or door to keep it upright while the body sits on the floor, taking up so much room. It’s super simple to buckle bub in and looks and feels so comfy. Bub definitely noticed a big change when riding in it – he wasn’t feeling too suffocated with the belt and wasn’t trying to wriggle his way out, he actually fell asleep really quickly right after getting placed into the pram. I love how it also comes with a rain cover and has a roomy basket underneath for anything you need to take with you. This pram honestly has made life for me so much easier and I would definitely recommend it. A big clap to Bugaboo for creating something so easy for parents to use.


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