Nothing hurls you back into school parent mode like getting the school bag ready for another year of learning. And for Jessica Rowe that task came with a little unexpected school parent treasure in the form of a full lunch box left to ferment over the summer!


Sharing a series of photos with her Instagram fans, the 50yo mum-of-two revealed her disgust at the gruesome find.

“The joy of discovering the lunchbox hasn’t been unpacked since last year!!” she captioned the post, adding: “Coupled with a day long search for new lunch boxes for bigger and more ‘grown up’ girls!”

If you’ve ever done this yourself, you’ll be familiar with the murky brown liquid visible inside the lunchbox that had been brewing since school finished up in December last year.


Jessica who shares daughters Allegra, 14, and Giselle, 11, with her husband of 17 years, news presenter, Peter Overton conducted further investigations of the sludge in her Instagram stories.

“When you find the lunchbox still in the school bag from last year! What is it???” she asked her fans.

Jessica and Pete Overton have been married for 17 years.

Speaking to Now to Love in April last year, the former Studio 10 host said her daughters were entering a “new phase” as they get older.

“I still learn all the time. What I’m discovering, even though your kids might push back against you and act like they don’t need you, they actually need you more than ever,” she added.

The popular television personality also previously spoke about not putting too much pressure on herself when it comes to parenting with 9Honey.

“I know I’m a “good enough” mum… I’m good at not taking myself too seriously, and being in the moment with them and doing things that bring all of us joy. And that’s enough for me.”