For many parents, the morning rush to get out the door and the kids to school on time can be chaotic – there’s lunches to be made, homework and school books strewn over the lounge room and, more often than not, a rogue school shoe has gone missing.

But, there is a way to add calm to the the start of the day. Organisation guru and Australia’s first certified KonMari Consultant, Gemma Quinn shares her top tips for creating a tidy and clutter-free space for ALL the school gear.

“The KonMari method views the home through different categories, and this same idea can apply to kids getting ready for school,” explains Gemma.

“Separate all the items that a child needs for school into the critical ‘zones’, like getting dressed, so that everything for that activity is easy to find when you need it.”

Gemma’s tips for creating the perfect get ready for school space.

1. Create a specific space in your kid’s bedroom or cupboard for their bag, shoes and uniform. Keeping them together makes it easier for your kids to find their things in the morning.

This prevents your kid’s school uniforms getting mixed up with all their other clothes.

Follow the KonMari Method by separating all the items that a child needs for school into the critical ‘zones’.

2. Create an interchange zone in your garage or entryway. This is a simple and effective way of corralling the storage and movement of items throughout the term.

Cube storage is perfect for this. Store the items for each different activity in a separate labelled cube. The cubes allow you to easily access items, while keeping your boot organised and when you’re home, it’s easy to swap out the cubes or empty your boot. This also helps prevent critical sports items from being lost in a child’s room.

• To store larger bulkier sport items, you can store them in flexible plastic tubs, these can sit on top of cube storage.

• Attaching smaller baskets to the side with 3M hooks allows for items like school papers, homework, hats, masks and sanitiser to be easily stored and accessed.

3. Have a kit in the car and fill it with all of the items that might be regularly forgotten or easily lost. A hairbrush, spare change and hair ribbons are always good to have on hand and saves you having to madly find them, causing a flow-on effect to the rest of your day. I recommend a handbag or box organiser for this.

Sort school gear into cubes so you can access items easily.

Gemma’s tips for creating an organised study space

The main goal of a study space is for a child to be able to focus on the task at hand and enjoy what they are doing. Limiting distractions and ensuring they have the tools they need sets them up for success.

1. Create a caddy with all of the tools a child needs to study. This should have exactly what they need, but no more. Keep this simple and functional.

This will help it stay organised and makes it easy to move to another space, like the kitchen table, if needed.

Craft items, toys or other knicknacks can be distractions, even though they might be used at the desk at another time. I recommend giving such items a home away from the desk but can still be easily accessed and swapped out. Cube storage is a simple and smart solution for this.

Limit distractions in a study space and ensure it’s set up with all the tools your child needs.

2. A clear space with limited distractions doesn’t need to be dull and boring. It’s important that our spaces bring us joy. Decorating an inspiring and comfortable space can be a fun activity.

I suggest thinking of an overarching theme with your child and incorporating elements of this in simple ways. You could have a large print of their favourite sportsperson or hobby rather than lots of little magazine clippings.

3. Aim to incorporate natural light. Decorate for comfort and inspiration.

Organisation guru Gemma Quinn is a Bunnings Warehouse partner.