Model and former Miss Universe Australia Jesinta Franklin and her AFL star husband, Lance “Buddy” Franklin became parents a baby girl, Tallulah Franklin in February this year.

After spending most of their time as new parents in isolation due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it looks like mum Jesinta is ready to get back into work, while new dad Buddy, whose AFL career is currently stalled due to the pandemic, will be holding down the fort in baby town.

Jesinta Franklin

Like all new mums, Jesinta is missing her bed!

Multi-tasking mum Jesinta shared an update on her career return with her fans on her Insta-stories while expressing milk for new bub, Tallulah.

“So I’m slowly easing back into work today and tomorrow and then next week is quite a big week for me work-wise,” shared the 28-year-old.

“But I’m up nice and early because if mum life has taught me anything its that if you’re prepared and organised it makes everything run so much more smooth.”

The fresh-faced new mum went on to apologise for “the paraphernalia” while indicating her pumping top. “I’m just expressing so that Buddy can do a few feeds for me today while I’m working.”

WATCH: New mum Jesinta Franklin gets ready to head back to work. Continues after video …

Jesinta also gave fans a glimpse into what that “organisation and preparation” looked like by sharing the rest of her morning with her 390k Insta fans.

“Starting my day off with a big jar of water with some collagen powder in it,” she captioned an image showing her drink alongside her breast pump cords and pink fluffy slippers before the next image showing her super nutritious breakfast made us all regret our morning toast this morning.

“Leftover rice with some veggies, an apple and a couple of boiled eggs!” boasted the health-conscious star.

Jesinta Franklin

“If you’re prepared and organised it makes everything run so much more smooth,”

Buddy, who’d be spending the day solo-parenting while Jesinta worked got a little head-start when Jesinta picked out Tallulah’s outfit of a sweet pink knit, lemon MCN, and adorable pink and white striped socks with girlie pink bows!

While we’re yet to catch a glimpse of the bebe herself, we’re sure she’s going to be super smooch-worthy in that sweet get-up. Which is no surprise when you consider her fashionista lineage.

Jesinta has been open about the many changes her body underwent throughout her entire pregnancy and her difficult journey to conceive.

“There are lots of different stretch marks that I didn’t have before and I’ve noticed some cellulite and I’ve gone up a few sizes but I could put on 100kg and have a body covered in stretch marks and it would not bother me at all,” she told the Herald Sun in her first trimester.

“The journey to get here hasn’t been easy and this little life is the greatest gift and we feel truly blessed and grateful that we will have a little angel of our own,” she said.