Today, new research revealed something particularly shocking about the power of Instagram: that just 30 days scrolling through your feed each day could be enough to make women obsessed with their appearance and weight.

Even more worrying, the Macquarie University-researched study found that the more fit-spiration-style images they see online can cause them to have a negative perception of what body image actually is.

While this is certainly an alarming revelation – one that The Butterfly Foundation is combatting with their social media counter-movement for #LoveYourBodyWeek – we can’t help but think back to three mums who decided to own the skin they’re in… and share their self-love with the rest of the internet.

And we need these stretchmark-loving women now more than ever – and the proof is in their inspirational pictures.

"After 3 babies this is how my tummy looks. Am I ashamed of it? Definitely not! Do I care what others think? Definitely not!"

"Do I love my body? Absolutely! Would I ever consider an abdominoplasty? No way Jose! I am beautiful on the inside and outside."

"If I don't love me and all of my flaws how can I expect someone else to love me? It starts within. Self-love is always the best love!"

"We give up our bodies to create our children, our bodies change and gain perfect imperfections that we should be celebrating not shaming. Women are amazingly powerful creatures."

"WE ARE ALL BEAUTIFUL IN EVERY WAY!! I get lots of people asking me how I've gotten rid of my 'mum tum'."

"And to tell you the truth, I haven't, and I'm cool with that. I'm sure I will over time, but again, that's not a major issue for me."

"For me, I love the image on the right JUST as much as I do on the left. Self-love is what matters."

If you, or someone you know, needs to talk confidentially about body image with a trusted professional, contact The Butterfly Foundation on 1800 334 673 or visit their website, for more information.