As social restrictions continue to lift and we look towards what our lives will look like post COVID-19, one mum-of-three has learnt some valuable parenting lessons over the past couple of months and she’s not intending to give them up.

For former Miss World, television presenter and WAG, Courtey Thorpe months of self-isolation with 8-month-old daughter, Kennedy, stepdaughters Peyton, five and Lara, seven, and her NRL star husband Jarrod Wallace, there have been a few things the family of five have decided they won’t be changing post COVID-19.

In a partnership with WaterWipes Baby Wipes, Courney will talking all things post #covidmumlife, from new routines, dedicated family time, homeschooling, to split parenting and everything in between, every Thursday at 4pm via her social channels.

In the meantime, here are the top five things Courtney won’t be changing post COVID-19.

I’m sticking with my routine

The only way I managed to survive isolation life was with a routine! I was homeschooling my two step-daughters who are in prep and year two, and at the same time looking after my eight-month-old, so having a clear routine made life a lot easier for us all.

The two big girls knew that in the morning it was their job to eat breakfast, make their beds, tidy their rooms, get dressed and be sitting in front of the computers ready for their class Zoom meetings.

While they had their meetings, that was my time to clean the kitchen and feed the baby. I juggled homeschooling with nap times and when baby was awake the big girls had a break. It was non-stop all day from there, but we made it happen.

I’ll be making time for me

I have always been shocking at finding time to switch off, or just take care of ‘me’ for a second, but after about week two of isolation I felt like I was about to lose my mind!

I told my husband I needed an hour. All I did was wash my hair and read a book, but I felt so much better after slowing down for a second.

As mums we are so guilty of not doing this enough! Now I make it a priority to make sure I set aside a little time for myself everyday. Whether it’s watching my favourite trashy TV show, reading a book, or doing my new favourite self -isolation activity, a yoga session with my neighbour.

Anything that means I get to switch off from the constant mental load and do something for myself. I’ve found I need to lock myself away or go away from the house completely, otherwise there is always someone needing or wanting me for something.

Courtney has been surviving isolation with eight-month-old, Kennedy and stepdaughters Peyton, five and Lara, seven.

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Embrace quality time together as a family

The best thing to come out of all this is the time we got to spend together as a family. Before COVID we were just so busy, all the time! Now we’ve had no choice but to spend more time as a family and we all absolutely loved it. It made me realise that life can wait a minute if it means you can spend time with your family. It’s so important.

We now have family nights most weekend evenings and the kids can choose from board games, movies in our bed together, homemade pizza parties, or a picnic on the front lawn for Sunday lunch. Whatever the activity is, you can see how much they love the extra time with us, and we do too!

In partnership with WaterWipes Baby Wipes, Courntey talks all things post #covidmumlife on Thursdays at 4pm on Instagram.

I’ll no longer sweat the small stuff

Mess, laundry, the kids are eating left over pizza for the second morning in a row… it’s not the end of the world!

During the COVID isolation period I changed my mindset to: Just do what you need to do to stay sane!

I figured the kids would all be happier if I was happy rather than a stressed-out nightmare. This is definitely something I want to carry into normal life post COVID, I think it’s important for both my family and myself.

It’s so easy to get wrapped up in the perfect Instagram-worthy clean house, or worrying about whether the baby and the kids have all had the right foods every meal, or if they have watched an hour too much TV for the day.

As long as everyone is fed, happy and loved, then that’s all I can ask for, everything else is a bonus.


I’ll do quick clean ups

In keeping with trying to spend more time with my family and not sweating the small things, quick clean ups were life!

My wipes were attached to me like armour ready to quickly mop up any spill, dirty hands or even just to wipe down the benches.

I don’t know how I cleaned without them anymore. It’s amazing how sticking and dirty everything gets with kids, a baby, a horse size dog.. and a husband!

I love that WaterWipes have more moisture in them than other brands, and I know they are safe to use on any surface.