Model and former Miss Universe Australia Jesinta Franklin and her AFL star husband, Lance “Buddy” Franklin are new parents to a baby girl.

‘Jesinta and Lance are thrilled to announce the arrival of their beautiful baby daughter, Tallulah Franklin,’ they said in a statement to The Daily Telegraph.

‘They are both absolutely besotted with her.’

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Jesinta Franklin has welcomed a baby girl, Tallulah Franklin.

Jesinta, 28 recently revealed she had a tough pregnancy, particularly in the early stages.

Jesinta says she was advised to take it easy and avoid doing anything high intensity, which meant shelving her love of boxing and kick-boxing for a while.

“So, for the first four weeks I really didn’t do much. I walked every day,” the mum-to-be told Vogue.

“I went for a nice long, one hour power walk every day and then I got really sick. To the point [of] almost bed ridden until 16 weeks.”

Severe pelvic issues have also plagued the fitness-loving star, firmly enforcing her into a period of taking it easy that she wasn’t quite expecting.

For most of her pregnancy, Fluidform Pilates and stretching have been all she’s been able to manage, with even walking proving too painful.

“I’ve kind of just had to surrender to the fact that it’s just my body doing its thing and I have to listen to it and there’s hopefully going to be plenty of time to work out when the baby comes,” she says.

“I just always remind myself the most important thing is the health of the baby and making sure I’m doing the best thing for my body and for the baby as well.”

The 28-year-old has been open about the many changes her body has undergone throughout her entire pregnancy and her difficult journey to conceive.

“There are lots of different stretch marks that I didn’t have before and I’ve noticed some cellulite and I’ve gone up a few sizes but I could put on 100kg and have a body covered in stretch marks and it would not bother me at all,” she told the Herald Sun in her first trimester.

“The journey to get here hasn’t been easy and this little life is the greatest gift and we feel truly blessed and grateful that we will have a little angel of our own,” she said.