In March this year, Jana Pittman added twin-mum to her long, long list of accomplishments when she welcomed boy-girl twins, Quinlan and Willow to her brood at just 35 weeks gestation.

The darling duo, who she shares with husband, Paul Gatward were born on Tuesday March 22, 2022, bringing her cute kid count to six!

As the beloved star of SAS Australia, an Olympic champion, a medical doctor, an egg donor (more on that below) and a mum already, there is nobody better equipped to handle the challenges that being a mum of multiples presents, wouldn’t you say?

Jana is a busy, BUSY mum

Jana had her first child, 15yo Cornelis with former English athlete Chris Rawlinson, who she married in 2006.

Cornelis was an only child for some nine years before Jana was diagnosed with CIN3 – abnormal cells in her cervix, which can become cancerous. She ended up having part of her cervix removed as a result.

The diagnosis led her to pursue the decision to have more children via sperm donor, in case she lost her ability to have more babies in the future.

“All of a sudden I was there, a single mum already, and thought, ‘Why not look at the options of having children on my own’,” Jana said.

Jana took her son to look at donors, and they picked one with a strong resemblance to themselves, so that the family would all look similar.

Via the sperm donor, Jana gave birth to 6yo Emily, and then her second daughter, 5yo Jemima a little later.

Emily and Jemima are full-blood siblings, and Jana confirmed that further down the track the girls will be given the opportunity to meet the sperm donor and get to know him.

Baby number four, 18mo Charlie, was born to Jana and her second husband, Paul Gatward.

Then along came the twins! Take a look at Jana’s life as a twin mum in the gallery below …

The most beautiful images of Jana Pittman’s life as a twin-mum!