The new school term means the return of the school lunchbox, but before we stock our pantries full of delicious snacks, new research has uncovered the do’s and don’ts of school lunchboxes, as determined by Aussie kids.

The next generation of school children are becoming more health conscious as they’re looking for healthier, more convenient ways to snack.

Research conducted by McCrindle and commissioned by Noshu, an Australian-owned sugar free foods company, has revealed the key to a perfect lunchbox in the eyes of kids – they love fun snacks but it’s surprisingly all about moderation and variety.

Over a third (39.9%) of Aussie kids say that a good balance of healthy food and special treats is the key to a good lunchbox.

Noshu founder, Rachel Bajada says, “With the movement against excess sugar consumption continuing to gain momentum and parents wanting to be more responsible, it’s great to see the positive effect on Aussie kids also, who are now more aware of the negative effects of sugar, and are opting for healthier items in their lunchboxes.”

Rachel adds: “As this generation of kids become healthier, more conscious eaters, it’s still a daily headache for timepoor parents who often struggle to put together a lunchbox that strikes the balance of healthy and fun – but most importantly, the food won’t come home uneaten at the end of the day.”

So, without further ado, here’s a round-up of:

The tastiest and healthiest snacks available on your supermarket shelves.