They first laid eyes on each other on the set of The Wiggles and four months after the cute couple went public with their romance, ballerina Dana Stephensen has admitted she’s crazy about her boyfriend, Lachy ‘Purple Wiggle’ Gillespie.

“He’s just amazing and I just love him so much,” Dana, a senior dancer for the Australian Ballet, told The Daily Telegraph.

The mother-of-one also reveals that the two had chemistry since they met in December, 2018 when Dana, 34 was a guest ballet dancer for The Wiggles Big Ballet Day DVD special.

“Lachy and I just had a really beautiful connection straight away. It was between us, but after the fact quite a few people noticed,” she said.

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Lachlan, 34 and ‘Yellow Wiggle’ Emma Watkins split in August 2018, after two years of marriage. The two remain friends.

In 2019, Emma – who has also found love with Wiggles musician Oliver Brian – spoke about her relationship with Lachy and how they’ve moved on since their break-up.

“It’s not a normal situation where we break up and then don’t see each other. We actually work together every single day so it’s nice to work with your best friend. I think that’s what we realised, that we were best friends all along,” she told Now To Love.

“We had this crazy journey together which we didn’t experience with anyone else but each other – being Wiggly dancers and then we became Wiggles and we were like, ‘oh my god this is so exciting and then we got married and we’re separated but we’re still there’.”

“My life wouldn’t be my life without him as part of it. I honestly am so grateful. We’ve had our ups and downs but we’ve come out of it on the back end really appreciating each other, like more than we did before. We’ve grown up, and now it’s just a different time.”

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Since their marriage breakdown in 2018, Emma and Lachy have both found love again.

On New Year’s Day this year, Lachy shared with his Instagram followers that he’d met Dana’s four-year-old son Jasper, who she shares with her photographer ex-husband, Michael Kai, with an adorable snap of the thresome with the caption:

‘2020,’ alongside several purple love heart emojis.

It looks like this trio may have found their happily ever after.