Unfortunately, despite our best efforts, my family and I recently acquired a one way ticket on the Express COVID train that is OMICRON.

In our experience, my husband and I – both double vaxxed – suffered bad flu-like symptoms for a day or two while our kids, thankfully, remained mostly asymptomatic. What followed the initial burst of feeling very unwell was a rollercoaster of symptoms for the rest of the week. We’d feel fine, then very ‘unfine’. Fogginess, dizziness and bouts of debilitating weakness would be interchangeable with moments of feeling okayish over the next week. OMICRON is certainly a strange beast and would not recommend. 0 stars.

If it comes your way and your symptoms are not as easily manageable at home, like ours were, please seek urgent medial attention.

However, if you are concerned that you may find yourself in the same position as we did and will be isolating and treating at home with kids, here’s what I would suggest you do to prepare for the ride.

Isolating at home while unwell is a drag. These tips will make a little easier.

You’re going to want good food

Batch up and freeze some of your fave wholesome meals now (think nutritious soups and veggie-laden goodness) because when you’re sitting around not doing much all day, you’ll want to be eating good food to help you feel less crappy.

Speaking of good food, get yourself a person who can shop for you. Ordering groceries online is challenging right now as stores see empty shelves like never before. Our experience ordering online was a dismal fail and we’d end up not getting the things we needed.

Having someone willing to help you get fresh supplies will work out better for you. Particularly if you are in iso with a bunch of kids who PacMan munch through the fruit bowl and pantry from sun-up to sun-down!

I’ve gone into a little more detail below, but we found ourselves insatiably thirsty. Ice blocks and cold watery fruit like watermelon and grapes were a big saviour here.

The advice to have medication on hand is accurate

Do stock up on paracetamol, ibuprofen, lozenges, tissues and the ever-elusive RAT tests if you can. You’ll need them!

We were so, so thirsty

It was challenging for us to tell what was COVID sweats and what was the stifling humidity where we live, but dang, we could drink.

SodaStream soda and lemon juice got a good work out to bring a little fizz to our day. If you don’t have one, it maybe a good idea to build a stash of soda/mineral water or juice to help keep the fluids up and counteract the water boredom. Particularly for the kids.

Avoid catching it if you can

As someone who has tested positive for COVID-19, I’d like to clarify that it’s no fun. The symptoms suck. The isolation sucks. The worry sucks. The after effects suck.

While there is talk that it’s likely that we’re all going to get the OMICRON variant at some point, I strongly urge you to do all the things possible to avoid it. Vaccinate, boost, mask and social distance. Trust me, you don’t want this.

However, if you’re the type who likes to be prepared, there may be some wisdom from my recent experience, that will help you get through it with a little more comfort.