Australian children aged 5-11 are eligible to receive their COVID-19 vaccine from this week, from January 10, 2022.

As we all make moves to get them booked in for the best protection before a return to schooling for the year, the Curtis family was quick to get the jump on proceedings! PR maven, Roxy Jacenko’s daughter 10yo Pixie, and son 7yo Hunter, had their first Covid vaccinations on the very first day.

First jab: done!

41yo Roxy took to Instgram, sharing a snap of the freshly vaxed duo flexing their bandaids, captioning it: “There is so much conversation around adult vaccination and yet nothing targeting/informing kids – which to me – in the comms space, is crazy.”

The Sweaty Betty PR founder went on to say: “We have the opportunity to directly communicate about the vaccine between YouTube programs etc something that in my time as a kid wasn’t even accessible … Today on Day 1 of kids (5-12) being able to commence the two stage vaccination process @pixiecurtis and @huntercurtis14 went – it was NOT easy to get Hunter there at all in fact I didn’t even tell him because I knew what would unfold was hysteria.

“Pixie was nervous but much more understanding that it was for her safety and those older people around her and throw in a you cannot travel and she was all systems go. Going to share the video of Pix and Hunty so if like us, you guys have kids who are unsettled when it comes to needles this may help calm the nerves and give them a little comfort knowing their fav pop-it girl did it too!”

10yo Pixie, who owns two companies and is on track to become a multi-millionaire, shared a video of the procedure (see above) on her own socials to help show kids just how quick and easy it is.

“This is me today. 5.30pm getting my first #covid_19 vaccination with my little brother @huntercurtis14,” wrote the young entrepreneur.

“I am 10 and today on #australia it was the first day kids 5-12 could be immunised. So I wanted to share this video with you guys incase you are feeling nervous or uneasy about getting your vaccine and show you that I did it and it was totally fine and over in a second! ❤️”

See all the other celebrity kids getting the jab in the gallery below …

Almost 80 percent of Australian 12 to 15 year olds have had one dose of COVID vaccine and about 73 percent have had two doses. So if vaccine uptake in this age group is an accurate guide of parents’ views, we are likely to see similar high uptake in children aged 5-11.

Over 7 million children aged 5-11 in the US have received the first dose of COVID-19 vaccine and over 4 million have had two doses.

Clinical trial data of children this age showed they made antibodies and the vaccine showed efficacy. Real-world data is anticipated. There have been no safety concerns to date.