Dani Guy

If you’ve ever come across Dani Guy’s Instagram page, you’ll know that she is one seriously candid Aussie mum.

Scrolling through her feed, you’ll double-tap snaps of this mum-of-two cuddling her gorgeous sons – one of whom she only gave birth to four months ago – as well as be fit-spired by her post-partum health and fitness journey.

Although, even though her dedication to smashing out 10-rep kiss-ups with her kids and pushing her toddler in a pram for a 1km trek at 36 weeks pregnant (!!!) is beyond admirable, it’s Dani’s ability to capture motherhood in all its raw unpredictability that is unifying new mums across the internet.

^^ In three words. She. Gets. It.

In one of her most recent posts, this WA-based mum delivered one helluva empowered, pumped-up pep talk, urging women to love the post-birth skin they’re in – and not resent it.

“To all the mummies who were told their bodies would never be the same, to all the mummies who are embarrassed of their stretch marks, to all the mummies who are self-conscious of their mum-tum, to all the mummies who feel ashamed of their post baby bodies because of societies standards, to all the mummies who battle with self-love and mental health, to ALL the mummies out there, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL,” she wrote.

“Read that, memorise it, preach it, feel it, embrace it. You CAN get your body back, you CAN embrace your stretch marks, you CAN find self-love and mental happiness. Happiness starts from within.”

And if that isn’t enough to galvanise any mum who may be having a less-than-OK day, repeat after Dani:

“You are EPIC, you are incredible, YOU ARE ENOUGH!”

Preach, Dani. Preach.