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Tommee Tippee All Season Sleepbag


Tommee Tippee All Season Sleepbag achieved an all over 4.5/5 star rating.


The Tommee Tippee All Season Sleepbag is a clever concept that makes changeable temperatures easier to handle and removes the need to multiple sleepbags in different togs.

All of our Bounty Trial Team members were impressed by the fabrics, fit and feel of the sleepbag, and the spacious hip area but without the bulk.

Our reviewers all agreed that they’re recommend the sleepbag to family and friends.

The All Season Sleepbag comes in gender neutral colours and patterns, giving it extra life for subsequent children.

Our Trial Team members loved the fact that the All Season Sleepbag makes it easy to add or remove layers during a feed, plus makes night-time nappy changing less disruptive.


Clever design

The Tommee Tippee Sleepbag is a clever design with option as a warmer 2.5 TOG or light summer sleeping. Love the versatility and ease of use rather than having so many separate TOG sleeping bags. Quality of the fabric and zipper is great, and the sizing is perfect for the age bracket with plenty of leg wiggle room. The fabric is a blend of cotton and polyester, not pure cotton which is noticeable, however it does seem breathable and is really comfortable. Definitely recommend this to other parents and little ones.

Soft and comfortable

Easy to use and comfortable for my baby. I love that it can be made warmer or cooler by putting on/taking off the zip sections. The fabric is soft and my baby sleeps well in it.

Perfect for all seasons

This sleeping bag is great value for money. The zippers make for easy nappy change during the night. The mesh at the top is cool and breathable. The fit of the bag was great, not too loose or tight. The sleeping bag is great for all year round and can layer accordingly.

Game changer

The Tommee Tippee All Season Sleepbag is an absolute winner for us! My little one loves how soft and cuddly the Sleepbag feels and I love knowing that he’s sleeping safe and snug in it. We’ve had multiple sleeping bags to suit every temperature range so this dual-tog invention is a game changer – it takes out so much confusion around togs, as well as being cost effective! The temperature range the Sleepbag is made for (from 14-27+°C) is perfect for where we live as Bub’s room is within this range year-round. Removing the layer to adjust it from a 2.5 tog to a 1.0 tog was also surprisingly easier than I expected. It was a simple zip and pop off during a feed. He didn’t flinch one bit and stayed comfortable the rest of the night. Overall, we’re super happy with the Tommee Tippee All Season Sleepbag. Everything from the cute design, beautifully soft fabric and easily adjustable tog has made this the only sleeping bag we now reach for! I highly recommend to all parents!

Great product! 2-in-1

This sleeping bag is basically a 2 in 1! Great idea! Works really well and is soft and comfortable. Size is good, fits babies for a year! Would prefer a double zip but single still works 🙂

Will definitely recommend to family and friends

Are you even a mum if you havn’t put your child to bed and then wondered if they were going to be too cold or hot?! It’s a constant guessing game especially with this transeasonal weather. This sleeping bag has been a game changing product in our household, being able to add/remove a layer is so clever and has eliminated the use for multiple sleeping bags of different warmths. I am also going to be travelling mid year and this will be the only sleeping bag I will have to take, knowing that it can adapt depending on the temperature. I also love the quality of the material and the simple, neutral design. The size range we trailed was 6-18th the giving us plenty of growing room so I feel like this is great value for money considering it can be used year round. Im so glad I was able to discover this product and will definitely recommend to friends and family!

Neat idea

The sleeping bag is great, and the concept is fantastic. If it had sleeves (or the option to add them), it would be perfect! I wouldn’t add a layer in the middle of the night as it requires flipping the baby to put the additional layers on, but it’s great to only have to have one sleeping bag rather than looking for each tog rating in my blanket drawer.

Snug and soft

I trialled the Tommee Tippee All Season Sleepbag as part of a review trail and was pretty impressed. The cross-over zip seems a little unnecessary and more for the aesthetic purposes rather than comfort or accessibility. Other than that I found the Sleepbag to be great. It has a super soft, comfortable feel to it and is of a decent quality. I enjoy the non-gender specific colouring and pattern which also allows for it to be re-used for the next baby or passed on when baby outgrows. The ability to change with the temperature is very convenient for the ever changing weather we have, plus longer more extended product use. Overall I am quite happy with the product, it served its purpose well and no complaints from bub.

Great winter summer combo bag

Great bag perfect for all seasons. I love the material and the leg room my child has to move around in. The only issue was trying to explain to my husband over the phone on how to clip the buttons in, so I can see where this might confuse a lot of people. I got home and it was half hanging off him in bed. I wish the zipper started from the bottom and zipped up instead of down, that’s a personal preference I guess. Apart from that it is a great bag, but a bit of a pricetag attached

Genuis idea

I was sent a 0-6m for my 5mo to test but she’s 97th percentile and wears size 1-2 clothes at the moment, so it flatly did not fit. The 0-6m size comes with poppers on the sleeves for transitioning to arms out, which I found really cool. The fabric feels amazingly soft. I’d love to see this come with a few more insert options for different weather (especially as it does get quiet cold in Melbourne). Having school aged twins, all my multiple birth friends will be hearing about this.

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