For most women, finding an attractive, functional and supportive bra can be a challenge regardless of age or cup size. But during pregnancy, the search for the perfect fit is made even harder by the changing shape of a woman's body.

Tracey Montford, founder of Cake Lingerie, says a poor-fitting bra worn during pregnancy and breastfeeding can be uncomfortable and lead to unwanted pressure on your back and neck.

"Hormonal changes result in rapid growth and fluctuations of the breasts," she explains. "The skin and tissue is placed under a considerable amount of strain. This is followed later by a loss in elasticity and volume."

In the first trimester, a stretchy, seamless maternity bra will adapt to your body and support you comfortably throughout the initial hormonal changes. During the second trimester, Tracey suggests a flexible-wire, non-wire or contour design with six hooks and eyes. "This will provide greater support and allow extension with the body to manage growth."

Your cup-size in the last trimester will remain the same for the first month after bub is born. "Purchase a minimum of three supportive nursing bras providing you with one to wear, one in the wash and one for your drawer," Tracey advises.

For breastfeeding, flexibility is key. "Your breasts will swell and rapidly change size as they try to regulate milk supply. Use a non-wired, stretchy, seamless maternity bra that allows for growth. A comfortable, non-restrictive bra can help avoid complications such as mastitis."

Need help choosing? Experiment with this interactive bra fitting guide to see what best suits your body.

See our instructional video below for more tips on how to find and fit the perfect maternity bra…