10 parents.


Gelatine Free Fruit-tella Hippos and Fruit-tella Sour Wrigglers


Gelatine Free Fruit-tella Hippos and Fruit-tella Sour Wrigglers achieved an all over 5/ 5 star rating.


Our Trial Team loved Fruit-ella with every parent agreeing the Gelatine Free Fruit-tella Hippos and Fruit-tella Sour Wrigglers were a snack they would reach for when their children were hungry.

The reviewers all agreed the product ticked the box of tasty yet a ‘better for you’ option. Kids parties and picnics are often a time for lollies and other sweets but Fruit-tella is an option all of our Trial Team members would choose instead to serve up at a social get together.

Proving Fruit-tella is a tasty snack, all of our members agreed they would recommend the product to their friends and families and that they would purchase the jellies again.


New fave!

We love these gummies (and the Sour Wrigglers equally!) they have been our fave go-to treat/snack/pick-me-up for my 6 year old and I. They have the perfect balance of sour and sweet making them super tasty and highly addictive! The hippo shape is also really fun and knowing they are vegan friendly, gluten free and gelatine free, they have been the best little treat to take to our playdates, picnics and offering our friends with all different dietary needs.

Cute shape so kids love it, and low in sugar so mum’s love it!

I was so impressed with the taste of these and my kids loved the taste and the cute shapes. Would love a slightly bigger packet, but it also keeps the sugar % down to just 3.9% which is fantastic for such a sweet treat for my kids. Will be buying again and definitely keep handy on our next road trip.

Sharing is Caring

My kids really enjoyed these. The cute hippos are fun but the flavour is what really got them. For me, I like the natural flavours and that they are gelatine free. The size of these is great because I can give my kids one or two and they are happy. Plenty to share with their mum!


I have recently been sent some of these goodies, let me tell you! They are delish, some of the first lollies that I dont feel terrible giving to my little ones 🙂 The hippos are a good size, so the packet can last a little while and my kids love these treats as an incentive to do their homework!

Kids approved

My kids found these are fun to eat because of the funny and cute hippos shape. The pack is convenient size and easy to share. Kids absolute love chewy texture, natural flavours and sugar coating on these hippos.
Love the fruit flavour!
I gotta fruit-tella you something! These lollies have been my savour during my pregnancy. I am low-key obsessed with the apple flavour – honestly a genius creation. My hubby is so happy I have found a sweet snack to kick my cravings to the curb (I’ll admit I can turn into a short-lipped dragon without my sweet kick). Can you buy in bulk hehe?