Popular reality TV star and mum of one, 36-year-old Whitney Port hosted a Q&A session on her Instagram Stories on Sunday (January 9, 2022) and talked to followers about the possibility of having IVF after enduring her third miscarriage in November 2021.

Whitney shared how she felt after each miscarriage confessing that she responded differently to each one.

Experiencing a sense of relief after the first miscarriage, Whitney told her fans she felt like ‘a monster’ because she hadn’t felt ready for baby number two at that time, and went on to say that the other two were heartbreaking for her and her husband Tim Rosenman.

Whitney told her Instagram followers that miscarrying made her depressed and that she felt like she wasn’t being a “present mom” to Sonny.

“Each one I had, I had different reactions. The first one, I felt slightly relieved, don’t know why, felt like a monster for not feeling ready for number #2 but the second and third ones have been just heartbreaking and it’s all about giving yourself grace to go through the various steps of grieving.”

“And telling those around you the you need extra love and possibly even space that the moment.”

Sharing her love for “Timmy” and their son four-year-old Sonny Sanford, The Hills: New Beginnings star admitted that IVF wasn’t off the table although “Lately I have been feeling this insane sense of gratitude for him. And we will be more than ok if we just have Sonny, but we want to do the discovery and get all the information to see what the process for a second could be.

Whitney regularly shares photos of her gorgeous family.

She also referred to the diary-style podcast episode she recorded on the day she learned she had suffered another miscarriage, and wrote that she hoped it would make other women know they are not alone.

“Today, we found out as a final conclusion that the pregnancy was and is not viable,’ Whitney said on her With Whit podcast. “I was feeling super hopeful from hearing that the baby had doubled in size last week and I just felt like it was only up from here.”

After experiencing two miscarriages and a chemical pregnancy (a pregnancy loss before five weeks), Whitney said it “felt like Groundhog’s Day”.

“He looked at the ultrasound and looked at me and raised his eyebrows and just shook his head, and in that moment, I just knew, and it just felt like Groundhog’s Day, like, just the feeling of grief is all too familiar.”

Whitney shared heartbreaking news with her followers.

Whitney’s doctor advised her to go see a fertility specialist about “making healthy embryos” if she wanted another child.

“I’m just obviously going to start going down that journey and not even quite yet, I’m not even really fully ready to have that discussion, even though I know that we want a second kid, because the thought of not having a second kid makes me feel already too regretful and remorseful.”

“But then, the thought of having to go through this physical illness and nausea of the first trimester is daunting and scary and taxing.”

Like many mums in her situation, Whitney felt depressed and she didn’t feel she could be a good mum, wife, friends, colleague and that was she was “constantly disappointing people”.

“I just don’t want to be a mess anymore… You know, it was like, this is it. This is, this is going to be that I’ve dealt with the two miscarriages. This is going to be the healthy one. I’m not going to have to think about it anymore.

“I’m not going to have to make the decision of like, do I even want to have a second child anymore? Do I want to go through IVF? Do I want to make a child in a lab? I just didn’t think I was going to have to answer all those questions and now it just feels like I have a lot of responsibility to make those decisions.”

Whitney wrapped up Instagram Stories Q&A by saying, “We want Sonny to have a sibling but we are not gong [sic] to sacrifice our whole happiness to have it.”

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