Marcia Leone has amassed over 258k followers on her Instagram account, @NotSoMumsy where she shares picture perfect, curated images of her life as a mum of two.

But it’s not just the beautiful kids, the fashion or the styling that captivate attention, the 41yo makes a significant effort to share the realities of parenthood through the words that accompany the swoon-worthy imagery.

While the Not So Mumsy highlight reel would seemingly depict an pretty enviable life with husband, Creative Director Dave Alison and their children 8yo Archie and 3yo Poppy, a deeper dive into the published author’s captions shows that Marcia is not afraid of talking about the ‘real’ stuff of parenthood.

And it’s a post shared on Thursday in which Marcia opens up about the reality of miscarriage that highlights just how powerful it is when women talk about the subjects that for far too long have been relegated to the shadows.

The black and white image, which shows Marcia sitting on the floor of her running shower while she shares a kiss with Poppy who is upon her lap is beautiful, no doubt, but it’s the words shared that make it so powerful.

“The same bathroom floor where I sat bleeding, broken, begging, bargaining…” begins Marcia.

“Not wanting to bother my family who lived ‘too far away’, not wanting to be an inconvenience and wake a neighbour at that time of night. Not being able to contact my husband OS. 8 hours I lay on this floor, getting up only to tend to my son who was waking with a fever.”

The scene painted here by Marcia of her putting her son’s needs before her own as she goes through one of the most physically and emotionally traumatic experiences of her life is one that many women will recognise.

However while one in four pregnancies in Australia result in a miscarriage, the topic for some remains taboo. But the fact is that everyday families are suffering from miscarriage and loss; it does not discriminate. Women feel alone and isolated, men feel confused and helpless, and both need support.

By talking about the realities of the experience, Marcia has opened up a conversation that needs to happen.

Marcia leone aka ‘not So Mumsy’ is a mum to 8yo Archie and 3yo Poppy.

“The next morning I was rushed to emergency tachycardic, being prepped for a blood transfusion while they removed my baby who was stuck in my cervix,” she continued.

“Traumatising, yes. TMI? maybe, but I’ve learnt over the last 5 years since that when you share your story it becomes someone else’s survival guide.

“I know someone reading this is looking for their sign of hope,” Marcia continued.

“Scrolling past bellies and babies wondering when it will be your turn. So let this be your symbol of hope. I was you. For years I was you. Searching for the hope.

“Now here I am the same mother that lay broken on that bathroom floor. Holding her rainbow all these years later. This too might be you 🌈 💫”

Hundreds of fans, including Erin Molan and Krystal Hipwell were quick to comment about how this post had impacted them, with many sharing their own experience with pregnancy loss.

“I so rarely comment on posts but this…,” wrote one fan. “I have tears in my eyes.It is nearly three weeks since I lost my second pregnancy since September.I feel flat,broken,hopeless and helpless and filled with a terrible sadness I didn’t know I had in me.Thank you for this, Marcia.Thank you so much x”

Another penned: “I read this with tears streaming down my face. Tears of heartache for another mother but also tears of relief as someone else has shared what my heart could not say. I too hold my rainbow baby in my arms but a part of me will always ache for the babies I lost whilst in so much pain and so frightened.”

Speaking with Bounty Parents about the reaction to the post, Marcia confessed: “It continues to amaze me just how powerful it is when we share our most vulnerable moments.”

“Our stories really do become someone else’s survival guide.”

In a space where trolling and cyber bullying can dull the shine, it is the connection with others that motivates this influencer to keep forging forward.

“The messages I receive from women thanking me for making them feel seen and heard reminds me how important it is to continue to share,” says Marcia.

“Our stories really do become someone else’s survival guide.”

If the subject matter of the story has affected you, please call the SANDS 24 hour support line on 1300 072 637 or visit their website here.