If you’re not on TikTok, this video by Poison and the Cure is one solid reason you might want to get on it stat!

Building on the popularity storm that is Encanto, TikTok creatives have used one of the Disney earworms to create a video that accurately portrays the highlights of the 2020-2022 COVID era. And it’s taken off!

Late adopter? Watch Encanto on Disney+ now.

Watch the full We don’t talk about Rona video below…


You could learn the lyrics to the animated movie version, or you could learn these:

We don’t talk about RONAaaaahaa


It was a normal day..

It was 2020

There were plenty of clouds in the sky
(So many clouds in the sky)

Rona walks in and changes everything

Are you telling this story or am I?!?!
(I’m sorry mi vida, go ton!)

Panic buying all the tins
(And toilet roll)

Sanitising everything thing
(Sticks up the nose)

Two years on, masks still a thing
(First one, now two, now three vaccines)

We don’t talk about Rona – no no no

We don’t talk about Rona

Grew to live in fear of going out and people

It’s two metres, keep your distance of it’s 👊👊

I associate it with the sound of antibac

Everyone at home left the wi-fi crumbling

Always left the WHO and the government fumbling

Grappling with variants they couldn’t understand
Do you understand?

Double red lines, energy is zapped

Then you lose your smells it all tastes like crap

You may think you’re fried, burning up inside

We don’t talk about Rona – no no no

We don’t talk about Rona (Noooooo!)

I thought I’d plan out my life, the next day… bed!

Didn’t think I’d grow a gut but it looks like I did!

Oh no!

Didn’t think that I would queue for hours on end!

We’re spending money on takeaways instead!

They told me it would just be three weeks but it became a very long time

They told me now more mani-pedis, all my grooming became DIY

They told me all my friends and family would be just out of reach

Thank god for Facetime

And all the numbers on screens, there were all tragedies
All these families..

Two years
If we don’t laugh we’ll cry

No we don’t talk…

No we don’t talk…

No we don’t talk…

No we don’t talk…

Hey everybody, a new year’s here

Are we finished?!