Twenty-eight-year-old fitness queen Tammy Hembrow has come out fighting when what was supposed to be friendly advice from other mums about safe baby wearing appeared to hit a nerve on socials.

The mum of three shared photos of her wearing her two-week-old baby daughter Posy in a baby carrier with straps and followers were quick to jump in with their comments on that as well as the baby’s position.


The mum of three appeared defensive when followers commented on how low she was wearing Posy, but she kept her interactions short.

One of the first commenters on the series of three images Tammy shared in Instagram showing her carrying Posy in a A$999 cashmere and silk Zeitgeist Artipoppe carrier appeared to want to help.

She softened her comment with two love hearts to show she meant well, but it received more than 80 likes a in very short time, pointing to others agreeing with her.

“Baby needs to be higher up! Closer to your chin mama ❤️❤️” said the poster.

The Tammy Fit instructor simply repllied “baby is fine lol😊” but it was when other parents weighed in with their similar opinions that the mum of Saskia, Wolf and Posy came back with something a little stronger.

Tammy Hembrow shows an incredibly trim tummy just 10 days after the birth of her daughter Posy.

“My carrier was like this for about 2 minutes lol I had just loosened it about to take it off so relax.” the influencer pointed out after the comments came in thick and fast.

“Also firstly, this is my 3rd child. Secondly, I will carry my baby however I see fit. Thirdly, she was very snug and cosy and actually loved this position, people need to be less quick to jump on mothers backs about what is CORRECT.”

The day before the furore, Tammy shared a video to her Insta Stories showing her carrying Posy in the same Artipoppe sling and another clip while dancing with her two older children. (Watch the video above.)

The first ‘baby needs to be higher up’ poster tried to show that she meant no harm by replying that she was “just stating facts” and continued to say that she herself has five children and that she’s “still open to learning new things and always happy to take in advice that HELPS my child.”

Posters were quick to jump in with a few telling the commenter to shut up, some telling Tammy not to be so rude, but the majority agreeing that Posy was not in a safe baby wearing position.

Just days before the baby wearing posts, Celeste Barber hit out at influencers showing off their fit figures after giving birth.

“You are so rude Tammy. People offering you help and you think you know it all. Just stop. Ego over the top. Humble yourself,” said one.

“The rule is always “close enough to kiss”! Definitely needs to have a look at baby wearing CORRECTLY!” one mum added, and this theme was repeated by several others.

A feisty mama threw in “I refuse to conform to a society that gets triggered over facts. Especially facts that are for the safety of your baby”, which fired up the OP again.

“THIS!!!!” she replied to safety comment. “Positional asphyxiation is REAL! I don’t EVER comment, this is why! Then you get accused of “jumping on my back”! Put the ego aside and just take in some information. I don’t care how old you are, how many kids you’ve had, or who you are, no one knows it all!”


Tammy let the followers continue to discuss and argue between themselves while she bowed out of the conversation, focussing instead on her upcoming Tammy Fit retreat in September 2022.

“Is that the way the baby is supposed to be? Doesn’t look right,” was a common thread, whereas others were kinder to the new mum saying “Pull it up higher so her head is right on your upper chest and close enough to kiss. Will be more comfortable for her & you 😁”.

Followers who are there just to throw shade couldn’thelp  but chime in with unkind comments such as “Her child is just an accessory to cover up her body because paparazzi photos revealed she hasn’t bounced back.”

Posy’s mum recently came under fire from comedian Celeste Barber who said that by sharing photos of her fit and toned body such a short time after giving birth sets unrealistic and “dangerous” expectations for new mums.