Tammy Hembrow and her Ironman fiancé, Matt Poole are settling onto life as new parents with their sweet baby girl. On Sunday, 28yo Tammy shared the news of her little one’s arrival, at last, after the fitness model flew past her due date with no sign of her new baby girl being in a rush.

Fans and family, eagerly awaited a sign that bubs was on the way, as the mum-to-be shared stories including herself jumping on a trampoline to bring on labour, and heading to hospital for a dog bite on her hand, bypassing the labour ward!

At the time the couple did not share their new babe’s name, however on Thursday, Tammy shared an image of her new daughter wearing an adorable knitted bonnet, cardigan and booties captioned simply: “🌸Posy🌸”


The sweet flower name is right on trend for the nature name boom we’re seeing in 2022.

Botanic and nature-inspired names topped Australia’s most popular baby names list for 2022. Flower names like Willow, Lilly, Ivy, Violet, Daisy, Poppy and Olive remain popular, while atmosphere-inspired names like Luna, Aurora and Stella also claimed their spot.

“Almost 1 week with my Posy girl🤍 feeling far from human right now but soaking in every second.”

Tammy revealed that Posy’s birth was a lot “quicker & a lot more dramatic than we expected” – which, perhaps, isnt that surprising given that Posy was overdue. “I did have pretty severe postpartum haemorrhaging, but I am so blessed she arrived safely & still had such an amazing experience that I’ll never forget.”

Maybe three bubs are enough for the fitness model as she says “Can’t say I want to do it again any time soon lol women are incredible!”. Fiance Matt Poole is obviously – and appropriately – in awe: “Incredible for sure ❤️” he replied to her post.

“My little milk machine.”

“My Posy girllll 🌸🌼🌸🌼
looking at the footage from my birth at the moment & literally made me cry. Still can’t believe my sweet girl is here!! Will try have the video up for you soon (if you’re sure you wanna see lol there’s a lottt of screaming 🥴)”

Four days into life as a new mum and Tammy says she is “running on zero sleep but I don’t mind it one bit!”

Announcing the little one’s arrival to her 15.1 million Instagram followers on Sunday, Tammy wrote: “The absolute hardest yet most rewarding thing I’ve ever done. An unmedicated VBA2C. No words. Birth story to come. For now just resting in my love bubble with my perfect little girl.”

The Gold Coast fitness model also shares two children with her ex-fiancé Reece Hawkins – son Wolf, six, and daughter Saskia, five.

Tammy and Matt, a restaurateur and former ironman, have been together since 2020.

Sharing the news with his own fans, Ironman Matt wrote: “Our little girl, perfect in every way 🥰 Mum was incredible and so strong. It’s been a roller coaster twenty four hours but welcoming her into the world has made everything better. She’s beautiful, 12 fingers and all 😍💕💕”

Twelve fingers!

Tammy’s new baby girl was born with a rare genetic mutation, which is called Polydactyly, just like Tammy! You can read more on that below, but basically it means that she was born with 12 fingers.

The 27yo beauty, her sisters, mother and brother also had the mutation.

The extra fingers are usually small and abnormally developed and are removed via surgery at birth.

Earlier this year, Tammy shared that during a routine ultrasound she found out that her baby girl has 12 fingers – a genetic condition she also had at birth.

In a video posted to YouTube, Tammy shared the suprise news with fans, that her unborn daughter has a rare gentetic mutation, which is called Polydactyly.

“We just saw the little baby, and the surprise was that she has 12 fingers, like me, like her mummy,” Tammy says in the video.

Tammy goes onto explain that her sisters, mother and brother also had the mutation.

The Queenslander’s first two children, son Wolf, six, and daughter Saskia, five, who she shares with ex-fiancé Reece Hawkins, 26, did not.

“Amy and Emilee had extra fingers when they were born as well, and so did my little brother. So did my mum. It runs in my family,’ she explained.

“It skips a few people, like it skipped Wolf and Sass, but this baby has 12 fingers. Isn’t it crazy?”

In the YouTube video, which shows the ultrasound of her baby’s hand, Tammy says her daughter’s extra finger will be “cut off at birth”.

WATCH: Tammy Hembrow shares her unborn daughter’s ultrasound that shows she has 12 fingers

What is polydactyly?

Polydactyly is a condition in which a baby is born with one or more extra fingers. It is a common condition that often runs in families. The extra fingers are usually small and abnormally developed. The most common treatment for polydactyly is removing the extra finger.

Tammy shares two children with her ex-fiancé Reece Hawkins – son Wolf, six, and daughter Saskia, five.

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