She’s an endurance athlete that had two stints on Survivor, but even Moana Hope is finding things exhausting in the land of new motherhood.

Taking to Instagram, the 33yo former AFLW star shared the toll that sleep deprivation is taking on her five months into the motherhood journey and it’s so relatable it hurts!

Moana and wife, Isabella Carlstrom welcomed their daughter, Svea in November and are loving new motherhood, but even so, it’s taking a toll.

In a video posted to the former Collingwood star’s grid, Moana can be seen holding Svea, captioning it: “Everyone: Oh you’re a new Mum… you must be exhausted… Me:… ”

At this point the camera pans up to show the exhausted new mum using using bent cotton buds to hold her eyes open.

Moana is all of us.

“It does get easier…”

“The post which has amassed nearly 60k views was so relatable, many commenters were simply tagging the partners who have been in the trenches with them. Others were quick to offer the solace that it wouldn’t always be like this, offering platitudes like: “It does get easier!”

Despite the lack of sleep, Moana and Isabella, who wed in 2019, are making plans for baby #2.

Speaking with Woman’s Day last month, Moana confessed that this time she was hoping to carry the baby after Isabella carried Svea.

“We’re going to try and get pregnant towards the end of the next year, which is super exciting.”

“I want a houseful of babies!,” she added. “But we’re aiming for three at the moment.”

Expert advice from the founders of Baby Sleep School on creating a bedtime routine that really works

Baby Sleep School provides parents with instantly downloadable PDF sleep programs that can be implemented in the safety and comfort of the family home. Here’s their tips for helping with newborn sleep …

1. Routine – Easier said than done, we’re well aware of this, but babies are creatures of habit and if you do the same thing at the same time each day, your baby will soon be using this as their sleepy cues. For example, wake up from nap, feed and then play, then back to sleep. After a few days your bub will know that after playtime comes bedtime and there will be much less resistance come nap time!

2. Relax – This ones for you, Mumma. Our little ones feed off of our temperament and anxiety, so if you approach sleepy time with a nonchalant approach, we guarantee your bub will go down MUCH easier. Next time you put your baby down for a nap, take a super relaxed approach and think to yourself – ‘what is the worst thing that can happen if my baby doesn’t sleep?’

3. Darkness – A dark room decreases the chances of your bub becoming distracted by anything on the wall or surroundings. Something as small as a shadow or a print on the wall is enough to keep your baby awake and overstimulate them. Our Sleepy Blind is a great way to ensure this doesn’t become any issue!

4. White Noise/ lullabies – Rumour has it that lullabies can cause a baby to become more stimulated at bedtime, but we disagree. White noise is great for many babies, but we personally believe gentle lullabies are far more relaxing than the sound of a vacuum or hairdryer in your ear. Every bub is different though, so it’s best to see what works best for your little one.

White noise or a gentle lullaby can help your little one to drift off.

5. Tired cues – This is a big one! Our children are our greatest educators so we need to listen to them. If your baby is showing any tired signs, pop them to bed. Even if it isn’t bed time according to their schedule, your baby is telling you what they want in this instance, so follow their lead.

6. Consistency – You need to stay consistent to be fair to your baby. Stick with the same routine and settling techniques for a few days before you try a new one. Chopping and changing will lead to a disastrous sleep and an overwhelmed bub.

7. Patience – This really is key. Without patience, sleep will not be achievable. This is when you need to go back to tip number two – just relax.

Keep a look out for baby’s tired signs, it’s a cue they are ready for sleep. A baby sleep bag keep bub snug and securely swaddled, this one is from ergoPouch.

8. Nap resitance – If your little one is refusing sleepy time, take a short break. Regroup, calm baby and try again in 15-20 minutes. Nap resistance can be a sign of both an overtired or undertired baby. Find the sweet spot by tweaking nap times over a few days if your bub continues resisting.

9. Wind down routine – This is CRITICAL in setting the scene for a full night’s sleep ahead. It can be as simple as cutting all technology (TV, IPad etc.) which we recommend a few hours prior to bed. Keep your dinner, bath, feed and bedtime routine consistent.

10. Let them be little – This could not be more true! Whilst sleep is so important for your babies overall health and development, sometimes they just want and need you. Embrace it and enjoy those snuggly, sleepy cuddles while you can.