The concerned partner of a woman pregnant with twins has revealed she is fighting for life in intensive care at a Melbourne hospital after they both contracted COVID-19.

Ms Dyke’s partner, Chris Lassig, shared her story on social media, saying Kaillee was almost 27 weeks pregnant when she became “very sick” and was admitted to the Royal Melbourne Hospital ICU.

Chris said the pair both contracted the virus, but he made a full recovery.

“For those who haven’t heard the news, this post may be a bit of a shock,” he began the post.

“Kaillee and I have both had COVID-19, and while I’ve fully recovered she is still very sick.”

Chris shared a video of Kaillee, filmed last Saturday, showing her struggling to breathe.

“Shortly after recording it though, she was taken in an ambulance to the Royal Melbourne Hospital, where they put her on oxygen in intensive care.

“She’s been there a week now, on a ventilator and sedated so she’s unaware of what’s going on. But she’s slowly making progress, breathing more and more by herself with the machine only providing back-up.

“It’s now a matter of waiting until her lungs have healed enough to work on their own. The doctors say with COVID-19 it’s very hard to predict, but hopefully it’ll be soon.”

Chris also shared a blurry ultrasound image and shared the couple are expecting a boy and a girl.

“The extremely blurry picture is an ultrasound of one of the twins, who are nearly 27 weeks along, and healthy and kicking (literally). We don’t know which one is in this picture, but from how lively they were I’m guessing it’s the girl and she takes after her mother. (Oh yes, in case you haven’t heard we’re having both a boy and a girl. Surprise!)”

Kaillee Dyke is 27 weeks pregnant with twins. She is currently in ICU fighting COVID-19.

While Chris made a full recovery, he said he doesn’t know why Kaillee became so sick with COVID-19 or even how they both caught it as they had both been cautious.

“It’s still not clear whether the virus hit her so hard because of the pregnancy, or whether it’s just a bit of bad luck. And we still don’t know how we got it – we don’t know anyone else who’s had it, and we both thought we were being cautious. To me, that shows how difficult it is to protect yourself as an individual, and so it’s only by acting together that we can beat it.

Chris finished the post by pleading with the public to follow the Victorian governments recommendations, and his partner’s wishes, and wear a face mask.

“Before she got too sick, I asked Kaillee what advice she’d give and she said, “If the government is going to say to wear masks, then just do it. They’re not overreacting with the measures that they’ve put in place, they’re clearly there for a reason. And … anybody can get it.”

The wearing of face masks in Greater Melbourne or Mitchell Shire will be mandatory from 11:59pm on Wednesday night. Anyone caught without a mask or face covering will be fined $200.

“If you are out of your home for one of the four permitted reasons, then you need to be wearing a mask and I stress – or a face covering,” Premier Daniel Andrews announced Sunday.

“It need to stress it not be a hospital-grade mask, it not be one of the handmade masks like I was wearing when I came in today. It can be a scarf, it can be a homemade mask.”