By Maddison Leach

Single mums used to be looked down upon and criticised, even in the past few decades, but a new generation of single parents are proving they’re just as great as their married counterparts.

In June 2021, there were 1.1 million single parent families living in Australia, with 79.8 per cent of them being single mothers.

That means there are more then 877,000 single mums spread out across the country – and that’s no number to scoff at.

In fact, we should be celebrating the single mums (and dads too) around the nation for all the work they put in every day to give their kids the best lives possible.

From juggling parenting and career, to making time for their kids when all they want to do is relax, these women put in the work day after day.

With that in mind, we’re cheering on some of the most famous single Aussie mums who deserve a pat on the back.

Selfie time for Erin and daughter Eliza.

Erin Molan, TV sports presenter

Though she was open about struggling after her 2021 split from fiancé Sean Ogilvy, Erin has since embraced her new status as a single mum to daughter Eliza, three.

She told Stellar: “I’m a 38-year-old single mum, but I actually feel sexier than ever. And not just in a physical way. I feel really comfortable in my own skin. Maybe you’ve got to get all the bad s–t out of the way in one fell swoop, and then you can just move on.”

The supermum previously told TV WEEK that her biggest priority will always be showing up for her little girl, explaining: “The thought of looking back and regretting not having a lot of time with her, or regretting putting other things ahead of her, would just make me feel physically ill. Being the best mum to her is my priority times a billion over anything else.”

Watch below as Erin talks about her painful silence…

Sarah Harris rumbles with her sons.

Sarah Harris, TV presenter and journalist

After splitting from her husband in 2021, Sarah made the most of her first Christmas as a single mum to sons Paul and Harry before heading into the new year. She credited therapy and mindfulness for helping her cope with the breakup in an interview with TV WEEK, adding that “It’s a process. It helps to laugh too.”

As for her approach to motherhood, she previously told Woman’s Day: “I’m a better mum when I’ve practised a bit of self-care,whether it be a quick run or a veg on the couch.”

Fifi is an example that families come in all shapes and sizes.

Fifi Box, radio & TV presenter, and journalist

Fifi is glad she can be a bit of a role model for other single mums by sharing details from her home life with daughters Trixie, whom she shares with ex Grant Kenny, and Daisy-Belle, who was conceived via IVF with an anonymous sperm donor.

She told Stellar last year: “It’s important to point out and educate that families come in all different shapes and sizes. Because I’m in the media and have a profile and platform, I’m able to shape and shift that, but it is frustrating.”

Watch below as Fifi talks about her IVF journey. 

Cassandra has three children with her ex-husband Karl Stefanovic.

Cassandra Thorburn, children’s book author

“I’m grateful for my life and the direction it has taken,” Cass told Woman’s Day in 2021, five years after her 21-year marriage to Karl Stefanovic ended. Now the single mum of three – Jackson, Willow [christened Ava Willow], and River – embraces her role as a solo parent.

“You reach the stage when clarity becomes the norm, your children are thriving, and you feel within yourself a tremendous sense of pride,” she said. “I’ve got a very robust sense of peace and well-being.”

Michelle has been a solo parent since 2020.

Michelle Bridges, personal trainer, TV presenter and author

Since splitting from The Commando at the start of 2020, Michelle and her son Axel have been the ultimate mother-son duo. But that doesn’t mean the life of a single parent is always easy, as Michelle confessed that getting a puppy made her realise just how tough it is “being a single parent, trying to run businesses, trying to give my son the most grounded wonderful life and run a household”.

Fortunately, the fitness icon makes it work so she can give Axel the best childhood possible, telling Now To Love: “I want to be able to run around with him, pick him up, carry my groceries, get up on a chair and fix something up in the top cupboard. I’m a single parent, I need to be able to do stuff!”

Watch below as Michelle talks about starting a new chapter as a single parent…

This article was originally published on Now to Love and has been republished with permission.