Tammy Hembrow is bursting at the seams! The very, VERY pregnant mum-to-be is “exhausted” and ready to get baby #3 out already after reaching full term last week.

On Wednesday, the 28yo fitness model attempted to kickstart labour by jumping on the trampoline at sister Emilee’s house.

“Tammy thinks by jumping on a trampoline, she’s going to go into labour,” Emilee laughed as she filmed Tammy jumping vigorously.

WATCH: Tammy Hembrow tries to jump the baby out!

Earlier in the day, Tammy took to her stories to share how she’s feeling about the wait.

Wearing a simple grey tee, and with her famous pout adorned in a bright red lippy, the fitness mogul shared: ”

“I’ve honestly given up thinking about when this baby will come, she’ll come when she’s ready. My C-section is booked in I tried to push it out as far as possible but it is booked. I had a stretch and sweep this morning so fingers crossed that does something and baby comes on her own.”

Like everyone who has gone past their due date, Tammy confesses to being “so exhausted”, but is positive of something happening soon, thanks to her helpful little bub getting into a good position.

“The baby’s in really good position, like she’s moved completely,” the very pregnant mum shared. “Her head’s fully engaged she is ready to go so that’s all good signs. Yeah, it’s just waiting game, I guess. She’s just so… my uterus is so comfortable!”

WATCH: Tammy Hembrow gets ready for baby #3

How Tammy is trying to bring on labour

Aside from her jumping spree, Tammy is ready and trying anything she can to get this labour going.

“Everyone says walk, walk, walk – all that kind of stuff,” she shared. “I have been walking a lot but … because the baby’s head is engaged – I never had this with Wolf and Sass because neither of their heads ever got engaged – but this baby, because their head’s engaged, when it like, I don’t know, rubs against nerves … I don’t know it just sends shooting pains. I literally collapse some of the times it happens it’s so painful. I could barely walk into my midwife appointment this morning, but it hasn’t been as bad last two days.

“I’ve been trying to do lots of walking and I bounced on my sister’s trampoline today so hopefully that does something.”

The contractions are starting!

By all accounts, Tammy should be going into labour at any time, with the beloved Gold Coast star confessing that contractions are already happening.

“I’ve been having them for ages now so they’re not like anything exciting to me at this point,” she admitted.

“They have been different to Braxton Hicks, like more like the real contractions, like actually painful. But at this point I’m just trying to relax like I’m so exhausted. If I’m quiet on here I’m probably just sleeping. I literally only left my bed yesterday to take the kids to school and pick them up. I’m just exhausted.”

Sounds like we’ll be hearing news very soon!

Full bloom! Baby is taking up a LOT of real estate.

Gold Coast fitness model, Tammy Hembrow has thrilled her 13.6 million Instagram fans earlier this year with the news that she is expecting baby #3.

The 27yo beauty shared the news that she and former Ironman Matt Poole were not only engaged, but that she was also pregnant.

Tammy and Matt, a restaurateur and former ironman, have been together since 2020.

Tammy already shares two children with her ex-fiancé Reece Hawkins – son Wolf, six, and daughter Saskia, five, and says: “I still can’t believe I’m going to be a mama of 3!”

Taking to Instagram, the inspiring fitness guru shared a heartfelt video, captioned: “Our hearts are so full” to let her fans know the happy news.

In the video (which you can see in the gallery below) Tammy is seen walking away from the camera towards her family while wearing a black dress that hugs her famous figure.

The reveal comes as the camera pans to show 32yo Matt gently cradling her burgeoning bump.

Before long big siblings Wolf and Saskia join the action, sweetly embracing and kissing Tammy’s stomach.

Tammy shares two children with her ex-fiancé Reece Hawkins – son Wolf, six, and daughter Saskia, five.

The mum-to-be later responded to the overwhelming about of support the couple had received online, writing: “So much love! Appreciate all the love guys. We feel beyond blessed and so so excited.”

My body was made for this

The glowing mum-to-be has opened up with fans about her plans for a natural birth this time around.

“Not going to lie it makes me a little nervous to be on this journey again,” she wrote alongside a series of images of herself cradling her bump while sitting on a bed.

“My births with Wolf & Sass definitely didn’t go how I planned or would have liked. Emergency c -section with Wolf & then another c-section with Sass after not even being able to trial labour due to risk of rupture.

“I’m so so excited to be trying for a natural birth once again but this time I have more faith in my body than ever. With my midwife, my hypnobirthing coach, & after witnessing the most beautiful natural births with my sisters I feel like I got this. My body was made for this, I am more than capable. I am so excited to try for VBA2C !! I have faith that everything will work out in my favour. & If it doesn’t, as long as I have a healthy happy baby I know I’ll be just fine🤍”

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