Gender reveal parties, whether big or small, have increased in popularity in recent times so we’ve rounded up some of the best celebrity announcements for inspiration plus share some suggestions for DIY versions for your exciting celebration.

Take a look at the gallery below.

Ideas for the best gender reveal parties

The internet is awash with inspiration for gender reveals parties as their popularity has increase exponentially in recent years, and Etsy is your go-to for a huge range of party props from balloons and confetti, exploding sports balls and more.

Look to Pinterest, Instagram and Tiktok for real-life fun, quirky and unique gender reveal parties (men dressed as ‘swimmers’, racing around a sports oval to catch the ‘egg’ and pop the colour-filled!) and rally your closest friends to help with your plan.

  1. Balloon pop with coloured confetti like this one from Bang Bang Balloons
  2. Pinata filed with colours – look for baby bottle styles, questions marks, hearts, unicorns and more.
  3. Layered cake with colours inside. There are plenty of bakers that can do this for you, or you can get your family involved.
  4. Golf or soccer ball that bursts with colour when hit or kicked are fun for sports fans.
  5. Smoke gender reveal from Joyful Reveals is one of the most popular options
  6. Babygro or footprint cookie cutters filled with coloured icing or lollies.
  7. Gender reveal outfits for your toddler/child and both parents.
  8. If you have older kids, consider having them dressed in appropriate colours, or holding coloured balloons or handing out cake pops with only one baked with the ‘reveal’ colour inside.