We first met reality star, Apollo Jackson in Sophie Monk’s season of The Bachelorette in 2017. Although he didn’t leave Sophie spellbound and score her final rose, we got a taste of the Brisbane-based star’s love of magic.

In 2018, Apollo went on to star in Bachelor in Paradise before showing off some seriously impressive magic skills in Australia’s Got Talent last year. Let’s just say, he was on fire!

Now, the professional magician is keen to share his love of magic with kids and to do so, he has created the Apollo Jacksson Street Magic Kit which includes mind blowing, spectacular magic tricks which Apollo himself has performed globally.

“My journey in magic all started with a magic kit,” the former Bachelorette star recalls.

“I remember excitedly unwrapping a present on Christmas morning. Realising it was a magic kit, I immediately began practicing every trick in the kit. I spent all my time over the next few days practicing all I can and soon I couldn’t stop performing magic everywhere I went,” explains the 28-year-old.

“These were all the old classics and that sparked a lifelong love for the art. It was always my dream to release a magic kit of my own, with all my favourite street magic tricks, tricks that I still perform today and ones I’ve built my career on.”

Your little magician can learn loads of cool tricks thanks to Apollo’s magic kit.

Learning magic tricks requires self-discipline, determination and helps to boost self-confidence. These are just some of the reasons why magic is a great hobby to get your little one interested in.

Apollo shares his top five tips for encouraging your kids to love magic

1. The magic of television
There are some great magic television series out there that inspire and leave even the older audiences wanting to learn magic. Try Penn & Teller: Fool Us and Magic For Humans on Netflix and of course, Dynamo, Magician Impossible.

2. Show them a trick of your own
The thing that sparked my interest in magic was a magic trick my dad showed me when I was younger. So, learn a cool trick and let them experience that moment of wonder and astonishment when you fool them! Then, teach them how to perform it for their friends and family.

Apollo’s magic kit will have your kids levitating things – how cool is that!?

3. Watch a magic movie
Now You See Me is probably the biggest magic-themed movie of the decade. This movie is so insanely cool and is perfect for getting young audiences interested in magic.

4. Encourage them!
Your child is not going to nail the trick every time, practice and persistence is what makes a great magician, so encourage them, laugh at their jokes and give constructive feedback.

5. A cool magic kit is a must-have
Get your kids started with an epic magic kit, it’s how I started my journey in magic and it’s how they can learn a variety of easy and awesome tricks.

Along with Theatrix we produced the Apollo Jackson Street Magic Kit. Watch in amazement as your kids absolutely fool you with over 100 of the best easy to learn street magic tricks right out of my repertoire, they’ll be reading minds, bending spoons, levitating things, tying their shoelaces with a shake, and more.

Learn how to ‘bend a spoon with your mind’ and more.

Apollo Jackson Street Magic Kit ($69.95) has over 100 easy to master street magic tricks for kids over 8 years of age and adults who want to learn street magic from one of Australia’s best magicians.